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Resume of Grand Master & Head Instructor of Dahms Academy Glen Dahms!

This Web site offers Martial Arts instruction in the form of Seminars to groups, and private and semi private lessons to one, two or three people for the purpose of learning non traditional but street or combat effective fighting technique quickly, and raising a business man, teacher or students physical skill levels Quickly through drilling! We will drill in Physical abilities, skills and Martial Art responses to an opponents movements so as to react spontaneously by feel and not to much thinking about it. Itís about learning real fast effective street technique that any average person can do. All in as close of a fashion of as we can to Bruce Lee him self, Dan Inosanto, Larry Hartsel, Richard Bistillio, Tim Tacket, Bob Bhremer and other Bruce Lee students did and the students under them have done and so on still today. The Chief Instructor and Grand Master, of Dahms Academy of Martial Arts and now American Progressive Self Defense, Glen Dahms has been a consultant and a teachers, teacher and holds several teaching credentials in various Martial Arts giving him a wide range of expertise and experience. With many real life fighting experiences; over twenty five years of teaching classes; (starting with Kung Fu) and twenty years of traveling, training experiences all over Asia. He teaches empty hand skills of the below named systems and especially in the hand held Martial Art weapons including Filipino knife, stick and sword, among others. Having an extensive collection of these weapons old and new, and other Martial Arts equipment from his travels and contacts, he also sells Martial Arts Supplies and other items for class, private lesson, Seminars, Workshops, and self defense purposes. Beside his years of meeting and training with many exceptional Martial Artists and Martial Arts school here in the USA, he has traveled met and trained with many Masters in the Philippines, Indonesia, China, and Thailand. Many of them almost yearly over the last twenty years. Wing Chun Kung Fu, Chi Tao Chun Gung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu, Philippine Martial Arts, Kali, Eskrima, Arnis, Indonesian Martial Arts Pentjak Silat, are among those systems most familiar to him. Though Datu Dahms prefers to teach in a full traditional temple style format, Bruce Leeís Jeet Kune Do is the philosophy or way he teaches and conducts the training the elements and concepts of these Arts.

Resume of Grand Master & Head Instructor of Dahms Academy Glen Dahms

Here is a Time line of my formal training and learning Experiences:

1965 to 1972 I studied a little Judo, Tae Kwon Do, wrestling, a lot of boxing. Then my first Training in Temple Style Kung Fu & Eskrima. 1973 to 1978 I lived and studied at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale - Among other things I studied Fencing. While there I also began learning about guard dog training through German training judges. Then both AKC &
(German) Schutzhound training. I was a founding member of two Schutzhound clubs. We trained, sold and imported Schutzhound (I, II, & III) trained dogs for Police and others. Such training involved tracking and very complex Protection routines & obedience We would train police
handlers to train, work & command these dogs.

1978 I moved back to my home town Wauconda in Lake County IL., found and was
accepted, trained at an underground Gung Fu Temple to study again Chinese Chi Tao Chuan Gung Fu (Chinese animal systems). Later I became a member of 3 different Temples I was teaching
at the later till 1982.Were in later years I would be invited to several close door Temples & affiliated schools to teach weaponry training seminars to them.

(1985-1987) Especially with the current Tah shih (Grand Master) Dean Chambers

1981- 1987 I studied in daily classes at Degerbergs Academy of Martial Arts in
various areas of Jeet Kune Do, Philippine Kali / Eskrima & Indonesian Pentjak Silat.

1980 - 1993 I have attended and learned from more then 75 weekend seminars & several week long training camps of intensive training with instructors in Jeet Kune Do, Jun Fan (Bruce Lee's Methods) Kali, Silat and related topics. I had met and trained with Dan Inosanto numerous times through seminars, training camps, private class times and meetings. Dan Inosanto is the protegee, training partner and close friend of Bruce Lee. Many times he brought Kris Kent (JKD instructor under himself) as his Demo partner.

Further seminars and training Degerbergs Academy in Chicago numerous instructors there and the likes of the following:

Spiderman Dan Goodwin, Johnny Lira a #1 ranked fighter in Chicago Boxing 1978 & 1979.

1982-1983 Mike Inay 3 times Filipino Serrada Style (close range single stick and knife)
and Elastico style, Largo Mano (long range single stick) and Cadena de
mano empty hand & dagger.

Daily classes with Allen Mcluckie in Cabales (founder of style) and Inayian Serrada, Filipino single stick, knife & empty hands.
1981 - 1987 Al Mcluckie 2 weekend seminars- Nunchaku & Balisong knife Training
James W. Demile (a Bruce Lee student) in Jun Fan / Wing Chun kung Fu
Vince Black NEI-JIA HsingI Chun & China Kung Fu
Bill Superfoot Wallace PKA middle weight kick boxing champion and
full contact sparring..
Dan Duby - Savate French foot fighting / training.
Ed Parker - (Elvis Presley's bodyguard) Chinese Kempo, father of karate and creator of Black belt Tournaments in the USA
Stephen K Hayes ( 2 times ) Ninjitsu, climbing, stealth and weaponry techniques.
Capoeira Brazilian Slave Art of fighting acrobatic
Tuhon Leo T Gage (twice) Pekiti Tersia Filipino knife live blade, stick and knife.
Richard Bistillio (twice) (Bruce Lee Student) training in Jeet Kune Do
Hawkins Chung (Bruce Lee’s boyhood friend & classmate in China)Yipmans Wing Chun school.
William Cheung (3 times) closest boyhood friend & classmate in China – Wing Chun Gung Fu Yipman style and school.
Francis Fong - who’s teacher was a classmate of Yipmans in Wing Chun Gung Fu
Tim Tacket (Bruce Lee student) training in Jeet Kune Do
Bob Brehmer (Bruce Lee student) training in Jeet Kune Do
Larry Hartsell (9 times) (Bruce Lee student) Jeet Kune Do Tapping to Grappling.
1983- 1985 Daily class training with Steve Lee Swift at the Simon Lau Academy of Wing Chun Gung Fu Two years classes and Seminars with Simon Lau a Bruce Lee classmate in Wing Chun Gung Fu.

Grand Master Angel Cabales (4 times) Serrada system armed and unarmed empty hands & knife, stick, and knife, double stick.
John Mcsweeney (twice) (of Ed Parker & JKD James Yin Lee Fame) self defense gun shooting, disarms retention, capture of weapons (gun).
Jeff Imada Stuntman Choreographer student & instructor under Dan Inosanto JKD Filipino/Kali/ Balisong knife training.
Graciela Casillas Kick boxing female kick boxing champion, student & instructor under Dan Inosanto, training in Jeet Kune Do / Filipino/ Kali/ Eskrima.
Paul Vunak ( 7 times)student & instructor under Dan Inosanto Jeet Kune Do Filipino/Kali
Benny (the Jet) Urquides full contact kick boxing Tournament Champion training.
Pendekar (Grandmaster) Paul deThouars (7 times) Bukti Negara Indonesian Pentjak Silat.
Pendekar Herman Suwanda (twice) Pentjak Silat (Style Mande Muda & Harimau & Serrak)
Cass Magda JKD instructor under Dan Inosanto and Silat instructor under Paul deThouars.
Ted Lucay Lucay (3 times) JKD instructor under Dan Inosanto Jeet Kune Do/ Filipino (Boxing) Panantukan and Kali Hickson Gracie (twice) Jujitsu Brazillian Style all grappling. Master George Dillman mostly trained in pressure point training & technique.
Guro Freddie Fernandez defense Arnis (Filipino stick & knife) Silat Indonesian style of Silat composed strictly for Indonesian Military and self defense. Personal, Private training in the Philippines and Seminars. Later years 90’s continued training and Black Belt certification.

Master Edgar Salutie Filipino Kali / Eskrima

1985 - 1987 Chat Chai my friend classmate of Kali and my instruct in Mui Thai Kick boxing classes.
Master Surachai Surisute (Chai) (7 times & camps) - Champion- Mui Thai Kickboxing

I have met & trained with numerous other Martial Arts School owners of various styles. I have trained and instructed seminars for them, police and others. I have spent some time shooting 9mm, 38 ‘s and 45 caliber on Police ranges, particularly at area 4 in Chicago. The qualification testing range. I have not fired a gun now in about 4 years. I used to shoot often with friends other as well

1985 - 1994 I have been on TV, Radio shows both in the US and Philippines. I have
taught a number of Seminars. I taught 3 classes for the criminology
department at the University of Visayas in Cebu City Philippines. I was on
radio shows twice related to Filipino Eskrima in Cebu City Philippines. I
have made to many intensive training trips to count (each time2 - 4 months
or more) all over Asia and the Philippines over the past twenty years. I train
with various Grand Masters & stick fighting Champions. I have trained with
several different groups on different Islands, two to three sessions each and
everyday for weeks and even months at a time. While there I have met and
trained in empty hands and feet, knife, stick, Espada Y daga (knife and stick)
double stick, staff, spear and shield, whip, using handkerchiefs towels and
clothing as weaponry. While training in the Philippines I have
trained with the following notables:

Doce Pares In various trips to the Philippines: 1985 through 2006
Met and trained extensively in the USA and in the Philippines with Master
Dionisio Canette, Doce Pares style Eskrima. I met and trained extensively in
the Philippines in Single stick Largo Mano (Long range) & (close quarter
range) & double stick, Espada Y Daga (stick and knife),
double knife, latigo (whip), staff, spear and shield, etc. Cebu City in Doce
Pares style with:
Grand Master Euleogio Canette
Grand Master (Momoy) Filiman Canette
Grand Master (Cacoy) Ceriaco Canette
Grand Master Vincent Inting Carin

Some of the training partners on my training times; Champion & Master Instructor
Percival Pableo, GM Momoys son Grand Master Canuo Canette & also Grand Master Isidro Casio
Champion ( 1985 - 87 at that time Light weight) now Grand Master Danny Guba (is in England)
Champion ( at the time middle weight) (Satoy) Ancito Swan
Champion ( at the time Havey weight) Michael Seaborg
Champion ( at the time Open weight) (Loloy) Bonifacio Uyo

Other training in the Philippines on many trips with:
Master Jun Casiopong and some of his top students Dumaguette, Negros in Doce Pares.
Guro Freddie Fernandez Defense Arnis Silat, Manila area Grand Master Antonio Illistrisimo Manila area, Antonio Diego, Pedrito Romo & others in Illistrisimo system.
Grand Master Joe Mena in his system Manila area
Grand Master Jerison (NeNe) Tortal (Dekiti or) Pekiti Tiursia in Bacolod
Negros, Phillippines

I fight only if provoked, and my values or code of honor has been violated and the time is right; or if self, loved one, friend, or property is endangered. I am not a student or any one else's competition! I am a guide, teacher, coach, a personal trainer for those who commit to my teachings and are willing; and who try to learn. I can not force or cause anyone to learn. The student is the only one that can do that! The student must show up, believe in and accept my guidance and teachings, try hard to learn and practice! I can use my experience, all I have learned to; Motivate, Demonstrate, Show Fast Economically Effective street fighting technique that works, to guide in developing real world self defense skills! I help the student to learn the secrets, the best techniques, how to train in and develop high skill levels quickly! Not just traditional forms and tournament kick boxing. My experiences allow me to show drills and methods or create a drill to train in and over come personal obstacles, training problems in learning. I can push the student to learn and learn faster then before, to develop the physical attributes and attitude needed to counter any attack with confidence, and be able to flow in battle against other opponents and the weapons and situations the student may have to face and defend against!

Much that I teach is very useful in close quarter combat. My expertise would be well suited when assaulted and in waging assaults, on Airplane (even against knives or box cutters), security, undercover work, and many other situations. Especially when empty hand or hand held weaponry, including guns assaults less then twenty feet. Or any situation when guns may not be as useful or available.
A stick is a great equalizer if attacked and there is always a stick around. Stick principles can applied to any ridged and flexible item a branch, cane, table, chair, briefcase, bottle, pen, screw driver, hammer, crow bar, tire iron, book, belt, coat, shirt, towel, hanky and so on! All can be used to defend or gain position and control of a situation. I have expertise that is very effective in empty hands and feet or hand held items, combating a hand gun or rifle at close quarter range. If opponent gives up the distance advantage of a gun, it could be over come fairly easy without fatality at a distance of about twenty feet or less. Most assaults, rapes, robberies, stabbing, and even most shootings occur less then five feet from the victim. I teach some helpful tactics, creating distractions or illusions to get the time and position needed to over come a hand gun.
At the risk of sounding egotistical I am offering the following statements to be facts! Much of what I have said can be proven by my credentials, certifications of knowledge, titles, ranks, pictures, letters of referral and recommendation, appearances on TV, radio, newspapers and other demonstrations, shows, documentation and video film clips are also being provided. I hope after viewing these things we can agree on my expertise, then have a teacher student relationship. If you will axcept me as the expert we can move on to learning, developing physical skills, attributes to be aware, willing, and able to defend or to be a warrior!
I have extensive knowledge in many styles and systems of Martial Arts. Several at expert levels, and over twenty years of experience in teaching classes in the same. I have been told by many guests, students and instructors over the years that I have amazing physical skills. I have several Instructorships, Mastery and two Grand Master titles in the same. I have trained some members of Federal departments, INS, Department of Justice, criminology students wanting to be as well as police officers from several different departments even in other countries in Asia and South America. I have had some real life combat situations in teaching members of the Military.
As a teenager and much more as an adult I had experiences of being hit, attacked, stabbed with a number of items, boards, hammers, iron skillets, crow bar, tire irons, even screw drivers, and knives. As I grew in experience, training and encountering attacks of various types in the Chicago land area and other countries (Philippines) I became less frightened and learned how to be more aware of and in control of an atack. As a landlord for over thirty years I have had several empty hand fights. Some (gang fights) (drug dealers) multiple attackers and multiple attacks with a knife or other weapon. As mentioned I have since trained and worked with various members of police departments in the US and other countries. Also with the Military which I will not talk about here.
As a land lord or rental manager over the years in depressed areas, I have had confrontations with people trying to collect rents. in evictions, in removing their belongings, when changing their door locks, in watching and going into apartments to have people removed and or banned from the property, and in physically removing one or sometimes up to three drug dealers or prostitutes from front porches, apartment halls, stairways etc.. I have had much more conflicts there then with the ego's of people encountered in Martial Arts training and teaching over the years.


Fear should be in the eye of the beholder, not you! Learn to defend your self for real; agianst a weapon or empty hands, at work, business, inside, outside, getting in a car, even on a plane! Learn fast effective street fighting technique and; Have No Fear!