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These Photo's are of many of Datu Guro Glen Dahms Famous Instructors!


Below is the following: A toast to my Instructors & my students, a history of Datu Glen Dahms, & four Photo tables of Datu's Instructors!

1. There are few photo's of training in early 1970s! Mid 1970's Fencing, Gung Fu & Kung Fu related instruction, with Wing Chun Kung Fu into the 1980's

2. Most important 1980's -90's Jeet Kune Do Instructors & related Martial Arts Training

3.Most important 1980's -90s Filipino & Indonesian & other Martial Arts Instructors

4.Instructors met on various training trips around Asia in the mid 1980s, 90s, even into the Millennium.

(Just Click on Photo's to Enlarge them)

But first a Toast:

††††† How often we may Forget our respects. Often those that mean so much to us and are so important to us; donít know their importance to us. This for me because we could not just sit down face to face and seriously speak it, or did not have the opportunity to say it face to face in a class or seminar. I do wish my respect and loyalties to be known! So to those Instructors shown below that have shared time and knowledge with me over the years please know you may be older now but never forgotten by me, I've told my world about you.

††††† Know that I have tried to make sure over the years that your names, faces, and stories are known and respected by all the many students that have come through the doors of my schools. I have tried to respect you more then you may realize!! I have helped your legacies grow in numbers! You, your teachings are in the minds of many as best as I could show! My talents and skills I have been demonstrating over the years at movie theaters, stage shows, on TV, store demonstrations other events, are a direct result of my work and your teachings. I want you to know that your pictures have been displayed on my walls, your names mentioned and referred to constantly, my memories of you, the stories, which is now history about you have been shared with hundreds of students over the years! My rolls had three hundred a year in one school alone. Your photoís have always hung on the walls of my schools for all to see and ask questions about. They were referred to and pointed out when teaching a class technique involving your concepts or style. I am aging myself now so many of you are old now or passed on, but are still remembered by me and my students!
To you all now I say ††††† Thank you!!! ††††† ††††† I toast now to your legacy.

††††† Also to those students who did train in a Dahms Academy school, those who will remember, who where inspired by me, who developed the interest, who did accomplish, went on to get fully trained (by me or others), who have trained that knowledge, programmed it in, who have worked to develop their JKD, found their skills, who have become diversely knowledgeable, experienced in many Martial Arts systems, concepts and principles, and thus are more then they would have been; and have spread it; join me now, it's to your hard work as well that I raise my glass and toast!

††††† One more for the road! Remember were you came from! Remember me as your Master, itís my only legacy! As you were taught by me, or first by me! Remember I pointed them out to you, have said and so say now again; you must also show respect for; remember my Masters, their creations, their systems, their legacy that helped make me! Put aside your jealousies and egos, make mention of me, my teachings, my masters, the principles, concepts, the founders and their Systems. Include the places, the culture they sprang from, teach who, when and where the principles and concepts came from! Help to broaden the understandings and give credit where credit is due! You did not create what you are all by yourself. Remember who helped make you. Lets have respect and remember our roots, were your talent came from, the people, concepts, systems, cultures that helped created it! We all may forget, itís easy, so lets not! Here is to now, trying to show respect and remember. Tell or show me and the Grand Masters who made me, of your respect, that you do remember!

†††††††††† †††††End of toast; †††††††††† Cheers!!!!

Toasting Ceremany
Toast to the Ranks

The photo's of this table are of the (1975 - 1980 or so) Datu & Gung Fu Instructors (I have very few Martial Arts Photo's to document my training in the 1970's - early 80's).

Though I had Gung Fu Animal system training years before this was my 1st real Temple Training, Tein Tao Temple & Monastery in Chicago 1978 (The Alter area)

(Rear because Photography was not allowed in Temple) The highest known rank to me at the time was Ting Shifu Kevin McDonna Sparing using Crane Technique Vs Shelton -Black Cobra

Fast Crane motions Vs Black Cobra at Tein Tao Temple & Monastery

1979 a young Glen Dahms learning about Shirikan & Knife Throwing. After a year or two of Black Sash & Violet sash forms training, only then could you touch & learn weapons in a Gung Fu Temple

1979 a young Glen Dahms learning about Shirikan & Knife Throwing.

I had taken Archery in Jr. College But here a certified Archery Master of the Tein Tao Temple is seen teaching the Gung Fu class,components & dynamics of Bow & arrow prior to actual shooting the bow in 1979

a young Glen Dahms learning about Shirikan & Knife Throwing

After chores, horse stance & demo of all the form knowlege, then Matching, special skills & Board Breaking Phase (here of a surprise outdoor Rank test (for my Blue sash) fall 1979 (Glen Dahms Seated far left)

Demonstration of a Boar form in class

(Glen Dahms 2nd from left) Part of the line up holding Horse stances waiting for chance to show forms at Gung Fu Monastery Rank Test

Tein Tao Temple & Monastery (then black sash classmate of Datu) Rick Thomas demonstrates Crane Form in Class

Secrete (hidden Tiger) Gung Fu Masters showing Dragon Insignias at party in Dean Chambers honor (life long buddy & Instructor of Datu Glen Dahms)

Glen Dahms Spars a little with one of his Gung Fu Masters Ed Sour late 1970's

Datu Glen Dahms with Chi Tao Chuan Gung Fu Master Roy Alfonso 1979

No longer a student there Datu Glen Dahms is asked back years later to a very closed door Gung Fu Temple to do a Workshop on Filipino weaponry in the Tein Tao Temple, Chicago, demo with Brian Thomas mid 1980's

Datu Glen Dahms with Ting Shifu Dean Chambers (head Instructor of Temple Evanston 1886)

Datu Glen Dahms with Shifu (now [Da Shear] Ta shih) Dean Chambers (head Instructor of Tein Lung Kwon Temple Chicago 1888)

Chi Tao Chuan Gung Fu Matis Master with Datu Glen Dahms at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts Round Lake in 1994

Professor Dean Chambers one of the highest ranking Grand Masters of the Green Dragon Society & of the Wu Ming Kwon Brotherhood posed here at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts

Tein Tao Temple & Monastery

Ta Shih (DA Shear) Dean Chambers posing next to banner depicting the Chi Tao Chuan Philiosophy at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts 1990's

LAMA Gung Fu Grand Master Choy posing here next to Bruce Lee's partner/ protegee Dan Inosanto, Fred Degerberg, Wing Chun Instructor Francis Fong at training function

I was fortunate to meet & train in Wing Chun on more then one occasion with Master William Cheung 1982 (Boyhood friend who got Bruce into Yip Mans school, like Bruce's older brother & training partner in Wing Chun)

Flyer from the 1983 Seminar with Wing Chun Master William Cheung under (Yip Man himself)

Wing Chun Grand Master stikes a Tan Sao pose for me

Shown here 1982 is Wing Chung Grand Master William Cheung (in his 50s) next to then student Glen Dahms (at 30 years old)

Bruce Lee's boyhood friend, Classmate, partner in Wing Chun Grand Master William Cheung

Datu Glen Dahms shown here learning from another Wing Chun Bruce Lee classmate Simon Lau 1980s

Datu Glen Dahms shown here learning from another Wing Chun Bruce Lee classmate Simon Lau 1980s (looking like Bruce himself)

A Bruce Lee Classmate in Wing Chun under Yip Man Simon Lau Teaching class (showing Quan Sau combinations 1980's) Next to him (Glen Dahms Wing Chun Instructor) (a very Talented man) Steve Swift (in Black white stripes)

Glen Dahms the student with Bruce Lee's Wing Chun Classmate Simon Lau 1980s

Datu doing Sticky Leg Training with Wing Chun Master Simon Lau (a Bruce Lee Classmate)

Glen Dahms with close Freind & Filipino Eskrima Instructor Nate Defensor & wing Chun Kung Fu Master Simon Lau

Picture here at DAMA Buddies for more then 25 years Datu Guro Glen Dahms & Chi Tao Chuan Gung Fu (Da Shear) Ta Shih Dean Chambers 1996

Datu Glen Dahms asked back to teach Seminar at Tien Tao Gung Fu Temple Chicago Datu seated with the other Masters & instructors of Temple 1985

Below are Photo's of Datu with Famous Bruce Lee students and instructors under them. Experiences Dan Inosanto (close friend and partner of Bruce) 1980 - 1994, Jeet Kune Do Training Classes/ Seminars/ Workshops/ Training Camps and other training related to JKD. Bruce Lee did not create Martial Art techniques of his own! Jeet Kune Do is not a style of his technique but rather material he researched, certain techniques were selected from many of systems of martial Arts that he felt were economical, they were put together and trained into you in a certain way. Thus it's hard to tell a Jeet Kune Do Instructor/ classes from other systems and instructors. At times JKD looks like a Wrestler, Boxer, Wing Chun Trapping or other Gung Fu, as well as a Indonesian Silat man and Filipino Eskrimador. All this and more is a part of JKD's training!

††††† I was very fortunate to have studied when and where I did. Thanks to Dan and JKD I had a very board exposure. I was able to meet and train with some of the most knowledgeable and talented people of all time in many systems! Many of my classmates in these Seminars have become very talented and famous Martial Artists themselves today! Maybe you will recognize some in these photo tables below and on the memories page as well!

Jeet Kune Do Lineage Taky Kimura, James Lee, Dan Lee, Ted Wong, Dan Inosanto are 1st Generation to Bruce Lee, (only Dan Inosanto was ever certified by Bruce in JKD)

JKD continues to grow & evolve. Dan clearly is, but I consider Bruce Lee students to be 1st generation JKD (examples Larry Hartsel, Bob Bhremer) & those trained in Bruce/Dans Schools to be 2nd, & those trained through Seminars 3rd, directly under them 4th

Photo sequence Dan Inosanto & Bruce doing his Modified Wing Chun / Jeet Kune Do

Dan Inosanto got 3 teaching certificates signed by Bruce; Tao of Chinese Gung Fu, Jun Fan Gung Fu, & the only man ever to get 3rd in Jeet Kune Do from Bruce Lee

Black Belt Magazine, Pictured JKD's Dan Inosanto student / Instructor Chriss Kent, good example of what I call 2nd generation JKD, Trained directly by Dan (Very in Depth)(Others examples; Cass Magda, Paul Vunak, Ted Lucay Lucay)

Bruce Lee's complete list of TV & Movie work, Photo's of Bruce & Dan Inosanto from Game of Death, not listed, it was finsihed after his death

A photo of Bruce Lee & some of the China Town Students taken by Dan prior to 1965

Teaching Filipino Kali Espada Y Daga (Sword & Dagar) (weaponry Long & short concepts) Dan Inosanto pose taken by Glen Dahms 1983

Dan Demonstrating on Glen Dahms the student a Indonesian Silat concept, Biset Dalhem in 1990 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Dan Inosanto Demonstrating on Glen Dahms the student a Filipino/ Indonesian Bursilat finish technique involving wrist lock & Dumog pull

Datu Glen Dahms Bruce Lee's Partner Dan Inosanto 1980

Datu training seminar W Legendary Bruce Lee Student Partner Dan Inosanto 1981

Training Seminar Datu flanked by JKDs Dan Inosanto and Chriss Kent 1981

Training Seminar Datu flanked by Bruce Lee Students Dan Inosanto and Richard Bistillio

JKD Legend Dan Inosanto teaching Stick Flow to Datu

Bruce Lee's Partner Dan Inosanto W Datu 83

Dan Inosanto hands Glen Dahms a Certificate, Blond behind, Dans new wife Paula (Petterson from Chicago)

Dan took over & started teaching class (one of several) at Degerbergs Academy I was fortunate enough to be in just after getting out of Chicago Hospital for a glad surgery 1984, He & Paula just become an item the week before photo

Flyer from training Seminar North Carolina (started by Larry Hartsell & a top student / Instructor of his Dickie Harold, This was a yearly training camp that went on for several years) with Dan I & other Bruce Lee Students, 1st generation JKD Instructors

Glen Dahms in training Seminar with Bruce Lee Students, Bob Brehmer, Tim Tacket in Wisconsin late 1980s

Bruce Lee Student/ JKD Inst. Larry Hartsell with Glen Dahms, Chicago, early 1980s

1980 Degerbergs Academy, Chicago, Glen Dahms together with Chriss Nudes (then),(later name changed to Chris Kent) a top student of Dans, like him, Chriss was jaw dropping amazing to me in those days, very in depth in every facet. Dan in forground

Glen Dahms pictured with JKD's Dan Inosanto & his student/ Inst. Chriss Kent, early 1980s at Degerbergs Academy, Chicago

Dan Inosanto hands certificate to Glen Dahms, Degerbergs Academy, Chicago 1980s

Glen Dahms pictured here with JKD's Larry Hartsell playing a little Jun Fan Wing Chun, Pak Da Bil Gee Flow drill, Chicago early 1980s

A day before Seminars (2nd in photo) Dan I. on JKD, & (4th) Francis Fongs on Wing Chun, Grand Master Choy (1st) LAMA Kung Fu style showed some interesting skill prior to this photo in (3rd) Fred Degerbergs office 1980s

Taken by Datu in 1980s (joking about Ninjitsu & Gung Fu) Larry & Fred start acting up,(1st) JKDs Larry Hartsell, (2) JKD's Dan Inosanto, (3) Clif Lenderman (Actor/ Ninjitsu Inst.) (4) Fred Degerberg Famous Owner of Degerbergs Academy

Fred Degerberg by the TOm, Mike Amastoso Chicago Seminar 1983, (newly made day time Instructor at Degerbergs) Center a young Nate Defensor & Paula Petterson about to be an item. (in less then 2 years will be wife to Dan Inosanto)

Glen Dahms, a small class with JKD's Dan Inosanto, Fred, Owner of Degerbergs Academy, Chicago, A fast Talented classmate Alex Derechio, 1st row (1) Chat Chi also my Thai Boxing Inst;(3rd) Talented classmates Phil Cabraose, (4) Fred Oplee, & taken by Sally

JKD's Dan Inosanto gives Certifacate to Glen Dahms mid 1980s, Degerbergs, Chicago

Datu receveives a Certificate Bruce Lee's Partner Dan Inosanto 1980s

Taken by Glen Dahms 1980's rare ocassion Seminars going on with (Pictured 1st) Indonesian Silat's Pendekar Paul DeThouars, (2)Benny the Jet Urquides stops in, (doing a movie in Chicago), (3) JKD's Larry Hartsell, (4) Fred Degerberg

I Shot this during Seminar Training 1980's with JKD's Dan Inosanto & Chriss Kent. Many of my classmates seated here are excellant, well known JKD/ Kali Instructors today. A young Mike Knauf, Richard Lamorouax & others

The old days,Seminar Dan Inosanto beside Guro Nate Defensor in front girlfriend Paula Petterson,The Future Mrs. Inosanto. Also front Datu, on each side are Talanted Instructors today, Classmates Mike Knauf & Rich Drainy.

Front; Famous Fred Degerberg, Teaching was Dan Inosanto & Bruce Lee's friend & Wing Chun Kung Fu Classmate Hawkins Chun giving Glen Dahms a certificate here.

Glen Dahms drilling with JKD teacher Dan Inosanto, Espada Y Daga 1980s

Datu Glen Dahms with Bruce Lee student, JKD's Larry Hartsell, Wisconsin 1990's

Bruce Lee Student JKD's BoB Brehmer & Tim Tacket. Many of the Wisconsin Seminars I went to were excellant week long training Camps hosted by (center) Pete Hetric & his father

Datu Glen Dahms with JKD/ Kali's Ted Lucay Lucay at Dahms Academy

Seminars with (1st) Dan Inosanto (JKD) & (Wing Chun) with (2nd) Francis Fong, (3rd) I was studying Wing Chun at Simon Lau's under Steve Swift as evidenced by the black jacket of mine

JKD's Dan Inosanto hands certificate to Glen Dahms, next to new wife still burnet here Paula Petterson/ Inosanto 1985

Posing after training Seminar Glen Dahms & Dan Inosanto 1980s

Posing after Training Seminar Glen Dahms with JKD's Dan Inosanto 1990s

JKD's Dan Inosanto demonstrates Technique with wife Paula, many of my classmates seated here are top instructors & famous today. Partialy hidden by Paula Larry Linderman, next to him Ron Balikie (married Diane, Dans I Daughter) next to him a talented student of mine Mike Mukatis late 1980s

Bruce Lee students, JKD's BoB Bhremer & Tim Tacket with Glen Dahms 1990s

JKD's Tim Tacket 1990s

Cass Magda A very well known & in Depth JKD Inst under Dan Inosanto and Silat Inst. under Pedekar Paul DeThouars

JKD's Dan Inosanto gives Certificate to Glen Dahms 1980s

Datu Glen Dahms doing flow drill to a Head butt with another student/ JKD Inst. Dave Rogers Normal IL. 1989 Trianing Seminar with another Bruce Lee student & JKD Inst Richard Bistillio. Was Dan I. Partner.

Normal IL. JKD/ Kali Instructor Dave Rogers (host) does Hubud Lubag drill at Seminar with JKD's Richard Bistillio

After JKD Seminar 1988 (1st) My wife then Cirila Emotin, (2nd) JKD's Dan Inosanto, (3rd) Datu Glen Dahms late 1980s

After Seminar 1990's Bruce Lee Student Bob Bhremer

Bruce Lee Student/ JKD Instructor Larry Hartsell & Glen Dahms during a lunch break in Seminar 1980's

JKD Instructor under Dan Inosanto Paul Vunak (in Blue) Next to Datu Glen Dahms & students (Datu host) Seminar at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts 1990, at right end- mustache; (future DAMA Black Belt) Lake Zurick Police Cheif Dave Mills

Seminar Evanston 1985 Flyer, about Paul Vunak, Contracted by US Government trained Navey Seals

JKD Seminar Evanston 1987, Paul Vunak & Glen Dahms doing Wing Chun Sticking hands drill, I was teaching classes at the time for the College of Martial Arts in Evanston, IL.

JKD Seminar Evanston 1986, Paul Vunak & Glen Dahms Pose with sticks, I was teaching classes for the College of Martial Arts in Evanston, IL.

JKD Seminar Evanston 1988, Paul Vunak & Glen Dahms, I was still teaching classes for the College of Martial Arts in Evanston, IL.

JKD Seminar 1989, Paul Vunak & Glen Dahms (hosting) Pose at my own school Dahms Academy of Martial Arts in Round Lake, IL.

JKD Seminar 1990, Paul Vunak & Glen Dahms (hosting) Pose at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts in Round Lake, IL

Bruce Lee's Partner & close friend poses with Glen Dahms after JKD/ kali/ Silat Wisconsin week long Trianing Camp 1993

Bruce Lee's Partner & close friend posing with Glen Dahms after JKD/ kali/ Silat Seminar 1990's

Seminar Certifacate given Glen Dahms by Dan Inosanto doing Photo's illistrating most of the Kali Bow we use.

Ultimate Warriors Magazine Documents the talents of JKD/ Kali's Ted Lucy Lucay, Article on him written by a good friend & well known, very skilled & Talented JKD/ Kali Instructor Richard Lamoroaux

Taken at my Dahms Academy of Martial Arts in Round Lake after hosting a Ted Lucay Seminar, Old Degerberg classmate of mine JKD/ Kali Silat Instructors Louie Compose, & Richard Lamoroaux

Datu Glen Dahms & Ted Lucay Lucay JKD/ Kali/ Silat instructor under Dan Inosanto After Seminar Hosted at Dahms Academy of Marial Arts Round Lake,IL.1992

Datu Glen Dahms & Ted Lucay Lucay JKD/ Kali/ Silat instructor under Dan I. After Seminar Hosted at Dahms Academy of Marial Arts Round Lake,IL.1990's

1992 JKD/ Kali Ted Lucay Seminar, (1st) Glen Dahms, next to Marano student of Rich Lamaroaux (behind him) at JKD Inst. Joe Navaros school hidden behind Ted, other side of Rich his other students (Ron) in Chicago

1990's Ted Lucay JKD/ Kali Seminar at Dahms Academy, center is Ted, JKD/ Kali Inst. Rich Lamaroaux (in Blue) his students next to him, other side of Ted Inst. Louie Compose, around him are my students Jason P, Chriss, Bob S.

Ted Lucay gives Certifacate to Datu Glen Dahms early 1990's

JKD/ Kali Guro Ted Lucay Lucay poses with Datu Glen Dahms at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts, Round Lake, IL.

Instructors Private lessons with JKD's Paul Vunak, Joe Navaro (in Black future JKD Inst.), Paul (in Blue) other students from DAMA

JKD's Paul Vunak with Datu Glen Dahms at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts 1990's

Pendekar (Grand Master, Founder of Bukti Negara) of Indonesian Pentjak Silat Paul DeThouars demo's technique with Datu at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts Round Lake,IL.

Datu Glen Dahms the student poses with the Famous Fred Degerberg. Instructor/ owner of Degerbergs Academy in Chicago, This man changed my life with the Trail of Seminars he created & by introducing me to Dan Inosanto & others, Thank You Fred!

An article about (as I knew her) Gracialis Casilas a JKD/ Kali instructor under Dan Inosanto & Full contact Kick Boxing Champion

1988 Datu Glen Dahms poses after Seminar with Gracialis Casillas, her assistant, Gung Fu Inst. (future Olimpic Gold Medalist) Arlene Limas Chicago

Gracialis Casillas teaching JKD kick Boxing at Seminar Chicago 1988

Datu Glen Dahms Private Lessons with JKD/ Kali's Ted Lucay Lucay (lacoste Style) at Dahms Academy

1990's One weekend after Seminar I did a little camping, partying with Ted Lucay at a lodge were found a stuffed Bear hanging on the wall we decided to have a little fun with it. It was not suppose to be but turned out to be the last trip with Ted

JKD Inst. & a good friend Rich Lamaroaux doing a little sticking hands with JKD's Ted Lucay at Dahms Academy 1992

Datu Glen Dahms Poses at Dahms Academy with Pentjak Silat Pendekar Paul DeThouars & JKD's Cass Magda

Many well known JKD/ Kali Instructors in this Photo at Dahms Academy Pete Hetric, Ron, Joe Navaro, Rick Gential, Datu Glen Dahms, Cass Magda (teaching the Seminar) Rick Moss from Indianapolis Indiana

JKD/ Silat's Cass Magda teaching Datu Glen Dahms during Seminar at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts

Seminar with JKD/ Kali's Ted Lucay Lucay, (1st) Datu Glen Dahms, next to Ted center Rick Gential (black shirt), other side of Ted (white shirt) Rich Lamaroaux, others his students

JKD/ Kali Seminar Ted Lucy Demonstrating stick Technique with Datu Glen Dahms at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts Round Lake, IL.1990's

JKD's Ted Lucay teaching Seminar in Chicago demonstrating sticking Hands with Datu Glen Dahms 1990's

Seminar with Bruce Lee student/ JKD Inst. Bob Bhremer demonstating with Peter Hetric at his school in Wisconsin

Classmate Pete Hetric hosts Seminar of JKD's Bob Bhremer demonstrating, Wisconsin

JKD Inst. & Champion Kick boxer Gracielis Casillas teaching Seminar Chicago, just prior demonstated Technique with Ed (blue top & glasses) a Degerberg Academy instructor

JKD Inst. & Champion Kick boxer Gracielis Casillas teaching Seminar Chicago, demonstating Technique with Jerry a Degerberg Academy instructor

JKD Inst. & Champion Kick boxer Gracielis Casillas teaching Seminar Chicago, demonstated Technique at Degerberg Academy Chicago

Datu Glen Dahms with JKD/ Kali's Ted Lucay Lucay; Seminar hosted at Dahms Academy

Below are photo's of Datu Guro Glen Dahms and those most important to his training in various Martial Arts especially Filipino systems and Indonesian systems of Martial Arts in classes and Seminars.

In my teen years & early 20s, Jr College & Southern IL. University (Carbondale) I studied some Judo, Jui Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Gung Fu, Foil Fencing, Sabre & Eppae sword fighting Clubs.

It had been nearly 25 years later without much fencing or Spanish sword training, seen here with Actor / Hollywood Choriographer (in Whip, Fencing & Sword Fighting) Anthony Delongis greeting Datu Glen Dahms

Datu Glen Dahms & Anthony Delogis & Hollywood Stunt Choriographer for stage, Film, & many TV series over the years)(played Morthon in Movie Silent Flute later called Circle of Iron) (Bruce lee wrote ideas & concepts for the movie)

Anthony De Longis plays a little empty hands with Datu Glen Dahms at Anthonies Fencing, Sword/ Whip Seminar in Rockford, IL.

Still studying at a Gung Fu Temple I started classes after attending Dan Inosanto Seminar at Degerbergs Academy, Most important was Allen Mcluckies Classes Kali / Eskrima (to be like my idol Bruce/ Dan Inosanto)(Flyer his Nunnchaku Seminar)

Al Mckluckie far right, next to him; 1980 advanced student & then Eskrima Instructor under him 1982 Nate Defensor pictured here next to Master Dionisio Canete (handing Cert to Datu) at 1st Doce Pares Seminar I ever attended important

Seminar Flyer about Grand Master of Pikiti Tiursia Leo Gaje Seminar (I can't find any photo's of the actual Seminar)

Article about Grand Master of Pikiti Tiursia Leo Gaje Fred Degerbergs (Please note also Tom Bisio inspired me to go to Philippines and train not just Sir Cacoy canete but find Momoy canete)

Datu Glen Dahms & Grand Master Leo Gaje after Training Seminar early 1980's

Flyer pitures Dan Inosanto with Mike Inay, (sticks Vs Staff) My 1st Seminar with Mike Inay, Mentions my teacher, his stuent Al Mcluckie & Mikes instructer Grand Master Angle Cabales

Flyer for 2nd Mike Inay Seminar Datu Glen Dahms attended at Degerbergs Academy of Martial Arts Chicago, IL. 1983

Guro Mike Inay, student / girl Friend & (in middle) Datu Glen Dahms

Guro Jimmy Tocosa assists,(Inst under) Grand Master Angel Cabales, (Angels Seminar 1980s) Ninjitsu Inst. Stephen K Hayes, Owner Degerbergs Academy in Chicago Fred Dergerberg

Filipino Serada Eskrima Founder Grand Master Angel Cabalas with Datu & Guro Jimmy Tacosa 1984

Head Instructor Of Academy Fred Degergerberg, Grand Master Angel Cabales, behind sitting my instructor (1980s) Nate Defensor & girlfriend Paula Petterson, & Sally (Datu Classmate)

Talented Instructor Nate Defensor with his arm around his girl Paula Petterson of Chicago ( later became Mrs. Dan Inosanto). Hawaii trip studied Numerada style Eskrima at Tobosa's;other end is Ray Miegel & his pretty Cora

Datu's friend & Instructor Nate Defensor his arm around the Very Sexy Paula Petterson (Future Mrs. Inosanto) Ray Miegel & Cora in Hawaii to studied with Tabosa Instructor (under Founder GM Floro Villibrail) the Numerada style of Kali

Studying at Tobosas Nate Defensor hugging with his Beautiful Paula Petterson, Rays sister, Ray Miegel & his pretty Cora (I always felt she was so gorgeous, she was my inspiration to look for & date Fillipinaís)

Glen Dahms student of the Famous Fred Degerberg owner of Dergerbergs Academy in Chicago

1980's Party & Practice at Chicago apartment of Datu Glen Dahms (student of Nates). Next 2 very talented Classmates Philip C, Alex D, & Chat Chi (also Thai Boxing Instructor) behind him is Nate Defensor our Freind, Leader & Filipino Eskrima/ Kali Instructor

(Back standing in Red) Glen Dahms the student(w Alex D)Party & Practise with Freinds & classmates at Sally's House Suburbs near Chicago 1980s, our Inst. Nate Defensor & Chat Chi (Row 2 mid center)

Seminar Flyer on the Pioneer of Thai Boxing into the USA early 1980's Surachai Sirisute Thai Boxing Champion (Chai as we called him) Instructed Datu through Seminar & his student Thai Instructor Chat Chai in Classes at Degerbergs

Datu's Thai Boxing Inst Chat Chai posing with his teacher Champ Surichai, (he had such great fighting skills & moved so well, he was moving alot like Bruce Lee, of course he spent years of doing seminars along side Dan Inosanto in the 1980's

Datu's Friend & Thai Inst Muay Thai Chat Chai doing technique with Champ/ Master Surichai while on location filming Chai's 1st Thai Video's 1980's(also Classmate Alex Derecho is on set)

Datu's Classmate Alex Deracho doing a Thai Boxing Video with Master & Champion Surichai Sirisute

Pendekar (Grand Master) Paul Dethouars Bukti Negara Pentjak Silat (Biset Dalem Technique) with Glen Dahms Seminar Degerbergs in Chicago 1980s

Pendekar (Grand Master) of Bukti Negara Penjak Silat Paul Dethouars & Datu 1980s

Grand Master Paul Dethouars Indonesian Pentjak Silat Seminar 1990's at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts Round Lake, IL.

Indonesian Bukti Negara/ Serah Pentjak Silat's Paul Dethouars with Glen Dahms the student 1980s

Silat Seminar in Wisconsin Pendekar Paul Dethouars & Glen Dahms 1980s

Pendekar Paul Dethouars W Datu Chicago 1980s

Pendekar Paul Dethouars with Datu Glen Dahms does another Seminar at Dahms Academy in Round Lake

Pendekar Paul Dethouars Demonstrates Silat Technique with Datu at his Dahms Academy of MArtial Arts Round Lake 1990s

Master Edgar Sulite Lameco Eskrima 1989 Had trained with many Grand Masters in the Philippines (several of the same ones as Datu Glen Dahms)

Datu Glen Dahms with Master Edgar Sulite after training Lameco system of Eskrima 1989

(Front in Red) Master Edgar Sulite Class Most Notable & Very Talented classmates of Datu's here (left of Edgar)are Ron Baliki (hosted & is married to Diana now, Dan Inosantos daughter) & (Right of Edgar) Larry Linderman (IL. State Trooper)

Silat Seminar at Dahms Academy Round Lake, IL. Present are some of Datu's Classmates Ron Baliki with Ron Howard, Rick Gential, Datu with his student Dave Mills- in background 1990's

Datu Glen Dahms Private Lessons 1985 with Grand Master Diony Canete at College of Martial Arts Evanston, IL.

Datu Glen Dahms assists Grand Master Diony Canete Doce Pares Seminar at Degarbergs in Chicag 1987.jpg

1984 Diony Canete Seminar, Notable attendees: (Row 1 2nd) my 1st Eskrima Inst. Al Mcluckie, Owner Fred Degerberg, Diony, GM Cacoys Daughter Katie, Nate Defensor by Girlfriend Paula Peterson, 2nd row 1st Fred Oplee, 5th Alex Derecho, Rich Drainy, Dan Numoto, Datu,(3rd Row 3) Dave Rogers Normal IL.

Doce Pares Eskrima Diony Canete Teaching Datu at College Of Martial Arts

Doce Pares Eskrima Diony Canete Teaching Stick Datu Chicago early in 1985

Doce Pares Eskrima Master Diony Canete Teaches Datu Assists 1988 Tapic Tapic empty hand training Vs knife

Doce Pares Eskrima Master Dionisio Canete W Datu Glen Dahms Evanston, IL 1986

1990 (Far right) (President of Naraphil) Doce Pares Master Diony Canette, W Datu (Left) Talented Doce Pares Stick Fighting Champion Dodong Cuesta (who was Father of Datu's 1st Wife Cirila Emotin's children)

Datu in Private Lessons from Doce Pares Eskrima Master Diony Canete College of Martial Arts Evanston

Datu in Private Lessons with Master Diony President NARIPHIL (the Philippine Association stick Fighting Tournaments)

Datu Glen Dahms & Grand Master Dionesio Canete

Flyer for Seminar Munde Muda Silat by Indonesian Pendekar(Grand Master) Herman Suwanda 1990's

Datu Glen Dahms with Indonesian Silat Pendekar Herman Suwanda 1990's

Indonesian Silat Pendekar Herman Suwanda Teaching Harimau & Munde Muda style to Datu Glen Dahms

Indonesian Silat Pendekar (Grand Master)Herman Suwanda giving Certificate to Datu Glen Dahms 1990's

Silats Pendekar Herman Suwanda teaching Toe Knife Attacks with Datu Glen Dahms 1990's

Silat Grand Master Herman Suwanda Teaching Indonesian Harimau & Munde Muda Silat Toe Knife with Datu Glen Dahms

Pendekar (Indonesian Grand Master) Herman Suwanda teaching Harimau & Munde Muda techniques to Datu Glen Dahms 1990's

Pendekar Herman Suwanda handing Certificate in Indonesian Silat to Datu Datu Glen Dahms 1996

Indonesian Pendekar Herman Suwanda Teaching Harimau Silat with Datu, Bent Arm Lock & Rip out the Throat 1990's

Silat Pendeker Hurman Suwanda Teaching Datu, Finger lock arm bar manipulation setup to a chop to the Throat

Datu Glen Dahms pictured here Training with Rickson Grace, Jui Jitsu ground grappeling 1990's

Weekend Seminar Training with Jui Jitsu Fame Rickson Grace 1993

Rickson Gracie Jui Jitsu another weekend Seminar 1992

Datu Glen Dahms with Rickson Gracie Famous Brazilian JuiJitsu

Datu Glen Dahms on Stage with George Benjermin Instructor style Pikiti Tiursia Eskrima

Datu Glen Dahms Stage Show with George Benjermin Pikiti Tiursia Instructor

Datu Glen Dahms Stage Show, doing a stick drill George Benjermin a Pikiti Tiursia Instructor from Florida

Datu Glen Dahms doing a empty hands Vs Knife drill with George Benjermin Instructor in Pekiti Tiursia Style

When Datu knew her she was teaching Kung Fu in Chicago & had not yet won her Olimpic Gold Medal Arlene Limas 1988

Dillman Seminar Master Of Pressure Points

Datu with Master Dillman Teaching Presure Points

Arnis Defense Silat Guro Fredie Fernandez pictured at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts

Direct from the Philippines Arnis Defense Silat Guro Fernandez 1994 Seminar Demos Technique with Datu at Dahms Academy

Filipino Arnis Defense Silat Guro Fredie Fernandez Technmique with Datu Glen Dahms at Dahms Academy & student Errol Deppe seen taking photo's

Datu at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts Kali Privates with JKD/ Kali's Ted Lucay Lucay (Instructor under Dan Inosanto)

Datu with JKD Instrucor Ted Lucay Lucay JKD Inst Rich Lamerouax School Calumet City area

   Becuase of their connection to JKD I was very fortunate to develop contacts and be able to locate and study with various Grand Masters/ Masters and Champions all over Asia. I went right to the source, their town, their school/ home to study. All my training trips have been two to four months or longer. Which enabled me to rent apartments and live there, and study directly with the founders/ Grand Masters and others each day at my place and the at club/ schools. I would train for hours with one (maybe stick sparing), then different one (learn forms/ applications) and sometimes a third each day. Most are very well known or famous Martial Artists, within the Martial Arts community! If you are a Martial Artists you may know of some of them! If not, you may not have the opportunity to train with many of them as I did as many have now passed on. The only way is through some one who trained with them or certain family members! Their Legacy of what they have passed on to me and few others remains! My Asian travels started late 1985. I made similar trips almost yearly for more then twenty years now. I have been to and studied in Thailand, China, Indonesia, but mostly the Philippines.

I have managed to make numerous contacts & roam all over the Philippines (Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao). I have met & trained with many Filipino Masters & Grand Masters of several Arnis, Eskrima, Kali & Silat styles as well as Gung Fu at various Temples/ Monasteries.

Photo's below are from some of the training I have done on some of my trips around Asia over the years. I can't show all my photo's at once but you will see a couple of photo's or more which should document each of the things mentioned about my trips to various places in Asia over the years.

Article Majore Philippine Newspaper 2-17-85 declaring World Stick Fighting (1st & other places)Champions swept by Doce Pares,Open weight (Loloy) Bonifacio Uy,Heavey Weight Michael Seeborg, Middle weight (standing Ovations) (Satoy) Aniceto Swan Light Weight Danny Guba

Datu Glen Dahms (in middle) pictured here in the Philippines 1985 with the current World Champions (1st light) Dan Guba, (middle wieght) (Satoy) Aniceto Swan

Loloy Uy Open Weight Champion shaking hands here with Datu Glen Dahms after Doce Pares Rank Test seen here with other Doce Pares students, (Behind Light, side Heavy) Champions, Master Dionisio Canete, Grand Masters Cacoy canete, Vincente Carin, Espanoza

Doce Pares World Heavy Weight stick fighting Champion Mike Seaborg with Datu Glen Dahms 1985

World Light weight stick fighting Champion Dan Guba with Datu Glen Dahms in Cebu Philippines 1985

World Middle Weight stick fighting Champion (Satoy) Ancito Swan 1985 Trains Datu Glen Dahms

(Center) Datu Glen Dahms here Judging in Tourniment pictured with New Jersey's Doce Pares Group headed by Champ & Instructor Dodong Questa formally of Cebu 1990's

Doce Pares Instructor & Champion Stick Fighter Dodong Questa One of Greatest from Cebu, Milwuakee Wisconsin Tournament hosted Doce Pares Instructor Tom Sipin in 1980's

Datu Glen Dahms Months of daily Tournament Stick Fighting training amoung other techniques, pictured here, with Dan Guba 1986 Light weight Stick Fighting Champion

Glen Dahms receives Black Belt certificate 1985, Doce Pares Grand Masters (1st shaking hands) Eulogio Canete, (yellow top Sir Cacoy) Ciriaco Canete,(next in red) Vincento Carin,(in Black behind) Diony Canete,(next in red) Espanoza, 1985 (Canete brothers Founders were the )

Datu Glen Dahms seen here in Cebu with Doce Pares Grand Master Vincente Carin who had his own special quality or look with his Waticking style of movement in countering, (you should have seen him work,this site will show video clip of him at times)

In Cebu City Philippines being Board Certificated 1985, Glen Dahms (1st Doce Pares Black Belt) pictured here with instructor (a very famous man around the world)(Sir Cacoy) Grand Master, youngest of the six founding brothers Ciriaco Canete

Glen Dahms shown here 1986 with Grand Master (2nd of six Founding brothers) Grand Master Eulogio Canette

Glen Dahms sitting with some of his Rank Test Board Grand Masters (red on left of Datu) Vincente Carin,(red on right of Datu) Eulogio Canete, (next in yellow) Ciriaco Cacoy Canete

Grand Master Filimon Canete (Momoy World Famous, eldest of doce Pares founding brothers) (assistants JR Mandoza & Isidoro casio) awarding 8th Black Belt Certificate to Glen Dahms (& years later a 10th degree [Grand Master] & Datu Guro Glen Dahms

Glen Dahms pictured here with Grand Masters Euligio & Cacoy Canete's Home 1987 his daughter in background BeBe

At Datu Glen Dahms apartment Capital ext. area Cebu 1987, training staff/ spear with Grand Master Filimon Momoy Canete

Datu Glen Dahms 1987 training spear/ staff with Canoe Canete, Son of Great Grand Master Momoy Canete

Datu Glen Dahms (Next to future wife Cirila Emotin, now xwife) Socializing in 1987 at Doce Pares Club House Headquaters with many of the Grand Masters, Champions, & their family members

Grand Master Eulogio Canete, A Founder Of Doce Pares (father of the Talented, Famous Grand Master Dionisio Canete)

Famous Doce Pares Grand Master Cacoy with Datu Glen Dahms DP Club Cebu City Philippines 1986

Datu Glen Dahms training (stick & knife) Espada Y Daga with Grand Master Momoy canete

Datu Glen Dahms with (then future now Xwife) Cirila running in, (Right to left) Jr Mandoza, Grand Master Momoy's,his Son Canoe, 1987 Cebu City Philippines

Datu Glen Dahms training in Largo Mano to Corto Range (long to close range sword & dager)Espada Y Daga with Jr Mandoza instructor under assisting here Grand Master Momoy Canete

Philippine Newspaper 1985 about Stick Fighting Champions World Tournament held in the Philippines

Datu Glen Dahms training at Apartment 1986 in Pardo Cebu Philippines here with Open Champ Loloy, Heavy weight Champ Michael Seeborg

Glen Dahms & girl freind Cirila at Certi Auto Palace apartment Cebu after training with Open weight Champion Loloy UY & Heavy weight champion Michael Seaborg on couch 1986

Grand Master Momoy Canete Teachig (sword & dager principles) Glen Dahms 1980's

Grand Master Filimon Momoy Canete & Son Canoe demonstrating Espada Y Daga technique in training Datu Guro Glen Dahms 1980s

Datu's Apt Cebu posing here is Instructress Cirila Emotin (Future Wife in 1987 now xwife)

Imagine Growing Up here,always Kids around exposed to the club & seeing adults training here within the compound walls at Doce Pares, running out on mat during breaks & grab sticks,(Percival Pableo was one) 80s pictured Grand Master Cacoy & Boy

Single Stick technique between Middle Weight Champ 1988 Satoy,light weight Champion Dan Guba

Pictured Grand Master Cacoy Teaching Tournament Spar & other Technique To Datu Doce Pares Headquarters Cebu 1985

Datu Glen Dahms at the new Doce Pares headquarters 2005 with Doce Pares Masters (Isidoro Casio) he trained with in Past Cebu City

Datu Glen Dahms 2005 with Grand Master Diony Canete & Grand Master Isidro Casio (Casio was a assistant/ training partner for Datu in 80's for GM Momoy)

Grand Master Diony Canete owns this 3 big beautiful Story Doce Pares Gym Cebu City Philippines, part of top flour

Glen Dahms & Grand Master Cacoy Canete Doce Pares Headquaters 1990's

Grand Master Ciriaco Cacoy Canete posing with Datu Glen Dahms (judging at) New Jersey Stick Fighting Tournament

At Datu's apartment in Cebu Future Wife Doce Pares Instructress Cirila in 1986 Sparing Middle Weight Champ Satoy

Grand Master Diony Canete with Datu Glen Dahms Cebu City Dinner 3/05

(Red in back ground) Datu's Student (black fore ground) Chris Passmore, (next) Xwife Cirila, at Stick Tournament Milwaukee Wisconsin 1990

1st wife Cirila's Father Andoy Emotin an Eskrimador himself Hands down Family Sword (a sting ray tail) to Glen Dahms 1987

Blacksmiths are common still today in the Philippines, 1980's Hand Forging Swords for Datu

Just for a point of interest this photo showing Blacksmiths Making Weapons for Datu by hand in the Philippines 1980's

(left) Vida 2nd Wife Of Datu Glen Dahms (center) with Guro Pedrito Romo (Right) Illistrisimo Kali Style 1993

Stick Fighting Tornament Datu (Right, here to Judge) pictured (center) with Grand Master Cacoy Canete, (left) Datu's Student Ed Sarafin

Datu (Center right black Judges shirt) Tournament 1990'sy

(just a blur at right) Datu Judging Stick Fighting Tournament Wisconsin 1990's

Datu is acting as Referee instead of Judge in this bout, Tournament Wisconsin 1990's

Datu (center black judges shirt) is acting as Referee in this bout, Tournament Wisconsin 1990's

Datu Glen Dahms (center) Stick Fighting Tournament

Guru Fredie Fernandez Teaching Arnis Defense Silat Private sessions each day to Datu Glen Dahms (at Datu's apartment in Manila Philippines 1990's

Guru Fredie Fernandez teaching (private lessons each day in Silat) to Datu Glen Dahms at Datu's apartment Manila Phillippines 1990's

Datu's Friend & Silat Guru 1995 Fredie Fernandez teaching at Dahms Academy Round Lake IL.USA

Datu Glen Dahms 1990s (in red) being taught by Guro Toney Diego (in Green) (his school in Manils area) (next right) Robert Morals, (3 on left) Toneys Students

Datu Glen Dahms (2nd from left) 1994 Training In Dumaguete Negros Philippines with (in white after daughter) Master Casipongs Group of his students/ instructors (at each end)

Datu Glen Dahms Trainning Davao City Mindanao Kali Grand Master 1996

Datu Glen Dahms seen here with Master Jun Casipong Dumaguete Negros again in 1990's

Datu Glen Dahms training with Master Casipong Again In 1990's

Datu Glen Dahms with Master Sajuuk 1995 Luneta Park Ermita Manila

Datu Glen Dahms 1990's training in Davao City Mindanao stick training at Magsaysay Park

Another day of training with Guru Fredie Fernandez in Silat (left of Datu), Datu Glen Dahms (front in black), (in hand with) Grand Master Antonio Illistrisimo & their students (next is Instructor Roberto Morals)

(Instructor under A illistrisimo) Guro Pedrito Romo with Datu Glen Dahms (Training Sticks to disarms to empty Hands) (is Brother of Yuli Romo on cover of book Secrets of Kalis Illistrisimo style by Toney Diego)

Datu Glen Dahms is pictured here with Grand Master Antonio Illistrisimo out side his home at the Docks in Tondo 1993 (this is a very dangerous area in Manila where he lived & walked to work the Docks most of his life)

A page from Master Edgar Sulite's book on (trained with) the famous Master Andrew Abrian showing technique

This is Master Andy Abrian as he looked when Datu Glen Dahms was training with him, taken in Luneta Park Manila 1993 (his style was one of the unorthadox, filed with unexpected movements, confusing,(for the opponent)I have seen)

Datu Glen Dahms 1995 Stick Training with Grand Master Antonio Illistrisimo

Datu Glen Dahms 1995 Training & being shown Disarms by the Grand Master himself Antonio Illistrisimo Manila

Datu Glen Dahms 1990's manila Park Knife Training with Grand Master Joe Mena

Datu Glen Dahms here with Grand Master Joe Mena again were we would train at the Park Manila area 1990's

Datu Glen Dahms Friend & Trainer Master Toney Diego (at his place Manila) Illistrisimo style 1990s

Datu Glen Dahms training with Pedrito Romo (brother of the famous Yuli Romos) Illistrisimo Style 1993

Datu Glen Dahms training with the Famous Grand Master NeNe Tortal classes out in the Provice (country) north of Bacolod Negros Philippines Dikiti Tiursia late 1990's

Datu Glen Dahms Classes with Grand Master NeNe Tortal north of Bacolod Negros Philippines late 1990's

Datu Glen Dahms training again with Grand Master NeNe Tortal at a school Park a few blocks walk from his home (Just 2 jeepney rides outside of Bacolod Negros Philippines) 2000's

Datu Glen Dahms (future Wife Vida 1994) Black Belt in Kali under Grand Master Antonio Illistrisimo Style

Datu Glen Dahms Future Wife Vida DeLeon (I took this in 1994 before Stick Fighting Tournament), Her Kali Instructors Robert Moralas (left of Vida), Pedrito Romo (Right of Vida), Grand Master Antonio Illistrisimo (in front of Vida)

After training in the park next to (in middle) Datu is the Famous Grand Master Antonio Illistrisimo, (next Datu"s future Wife) Vida De Leon 1990's

Grand Master NeNe Tortal in Bacold area Negros With Datu Guro Glen Dahms Training blocks from his home 2000's

Datu Glen Dahms training in classes out in the country north of Bacolod with Grand Master Nene Tortal, Diki Tiursia style late 1990's

Datu Glen Dahms in classes an hour and a half north of Bacolod Negros with Grand Master NeNe Tortal of Dikiti Tiursia 1990's

Datu Glen Dahms training with Grand Master NeNe Tortal few blocks from his home les then a hour drive freom Bacolod 2000's

Grand Master (NENE) Jerison Tortal posing with Espada Y Daga (sword & knife) near home outside Bacolod Negros Philippines 2000's

Datu Glen Dahms Training 1 1/2 hour drive Outside Bacolod Negros Grand Master Nene Tortal classes Late 1990's

Grand Master NeNe Tortal next to Datu,Dikiti Tiursia Classes in the Province 1990's Filipino class group photo

Dekiti Tiursia Grand Master NeNe Tortel taken with his Group during our training classes in High School park area 2000's

Grand Master(NeNe) Jerison Tortal Training at Datu's Hotel Room in Bacolod 2004

I've known Val since he was a teenager,1st Now World Champion Percival Pableol,2nd also an old training buddy in the 80's GM Momoy's son GM Canoe Canete, 3rd Myself & 3rd the Main Man of Doce Pares Today GM Diony Canete 2005

Datu with his Instructor in Kabri Kabrong Mother Art to Mouay Thai Boxing) Patiya Thailand 2002

Datu Glen Dahms in Thailand with Master in Kabri Kabrong doing stage demo 2002

Eskrima practise,Illistrisimo Eskrima, Grand Master Toney Deigo together Datu Guro Glen Dahms in the Philippines 2006

Grand Master Toney Deigo with Datu Guro Glen Dahms & other students Lunetta park Manila 2006

Eskrima with Grand Master Toney Deigo (Illistrisimo's Style) Manila a Emelda Marcos Rally

Eskrima Practise in the Park with Grand Master of Illistrisimo's Style Toney Deigo during a Emelda Marcos Rally

Grand Master Henry under Illistrisimo Guro Eskrima Style with Datu Glen Dahms after Luneta Park practise Philippines 2006

Datu Glen Dahms 54 with Arnis defense Silat's Master Freddie Fernandez at his House in Philippines 2006

Datu Glen Dahms at 54 with Arnis Defense Silat Master Freddie Fernandez 4-16-06

Recta Style Eskrima Master Woodrif Labin with Datu in Philippines 2006

Eskrima practice at Luneta Park Master Woodrif Labin 2006

Datu's Wife Vida (from Pangasanan area) as a student Learning GM Antonio Illistrisimo style in the Philippines, The Tall One in Stick Fighting Gear, Tournament in Manila Philippines 1992

Datu Glen Dahms Wife Vida Kissing in the Philippines at a Passay Area Park Datu's House (Chief's Hut) Manila Philippines 1992
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