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Jeet Kune Do Linage & Other Martial Arts System Facts relative to the teachings at Dahms Academy schools!


           Below are facts about some I have learned from. I have heard a lot of nonsense and false claims about knowing, teaching, training with or fighting Bruce Lee. Rather then me making statements, for credibility sake I thought I would show actual Documents printed in famous Magazines!

              Note; I first saw Dan Inosanto in 1980. In 1981 he became my idol replacing my quest to be like Bruce Lee! It was he, his talent and ability to create that in others that inspired me. The facts are; Dan Inosanto did know, learn directly from, and was the only one ever to be certified by Bruce Lee to teach Jeet Kune Do! I have respect for many JKD instructors! But all others including Bruce Lee's students became instructors through him. In my opinion no other JKD instructor or board should correct or challenge his authority or what he has done. For Dan is JKD. JKD is not just Bruces legacy, it's popularity and growth is really due to Guro Dan (the man) Inosanto. He created and maintained an image for himself and JKD for decades now. In his humbleness he has always avoided calling himself the highest instructor, or the Greatest Grand Master. Even so careful in his words that he would not say he's teaching Jeet Kune Do. But I think for those that have trained with him for years, followed him over years, all would have to agree and proclaim; He is the Greatest Grand Master I have ever seen. And I have met and seen many across not just this country, but around the world! I've met several that are remarkable! But Dan Inosanto by far the best.

He is a Living Legend! He did it the hard way, not famous because of movies, (that's easier), he did it mostly behind the scenes, as a teacher! (Wide popularity, respect and loyalty does not come easy that way)!

All JKD Inst. come from Dan Inosanto Except he himself All Jeet Kune Do Instructors came from Dan Inosanto except he himself. BB magazine cover shows Dan & Bruce together Black Belt Magazine cover shows Dan Inosanto and Bruce Lee together.
Private Lessons to the Famous become Bruces  Poll Barers The Bruce Lee Heritage
Bruce Training Wing Chun Kung Fu with Dan Inosanto Bruce & Dan Sparing
Bruce Teaching Dan Wing Chun Bruce Lees Funeral
Bruce Lees Filmography Bruce with Wing Chun Teacher Yipman
Bruces Brother with Dan Chriss Kent with Dan Inosanto
JKDs Dan Inosanto I alone have the right Dan & Bruce research Styles
Dan On Cover BB Magazine DAn & Bruce 1966
Dan Inosanto Filmography till mid 80s Dan I Only 3rd level Inst. by Bruce
Dan 3 Certificates by Bruce JKD Lineage
JKD Continued Growth Evolution JKD Inst. Dan I Tim Tacket & Larry Hartsel
Bruce Classmate Simon Lau Yipmans Wing Chun Ted Lucay Lucay by Rich L
BB Magazine Legend Dan Inosanto
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