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Photo's to remember- just a sampling of some of the ranks (Students) that studied and passed through the ranks in Prior DAMA Classes/ Rank Tests!
Below you will find photo's of Dahms Academy Schools, some of the students, officers, classes, rank tests of years past. Men of honor and rank at Dahms Academy hold colored sashes then belts. The wearing of a Filipino vests and patches would indicate an officer of the school, Green, Blue, Violet, Red sashes or above. They were and are the backbone of the Academy, assistant instructor and instructors! They have a few years of training and skill level!

But first I'd like to propose a toast to those people who did train in a Dahms Academy school. Those who remember! Those who where inspired by me, their Datu Guro! Those who developed the interest, who tried, who spent the time, struggled, developed, did accomplish, went on to get fully trained, programmed in all that knowledge , found their skills, who have become diversely knowledgeable, experienced in many ways, many Martial Arts systems, concepts and principles. You became talented, more then you were before we met! You have traveled the way of Jeet Kune Do;;;

Time for me to remember you! After a Rank Test what did we do, talk of the struggle, goals, accomplishments!

So it is to you now that I raise my glass and I toast to you! Thanks for your time! Your old Datu Glen Dahms

Hear my words!

Are there really any Martial Arts secretes or magic? Let us all show respect, remember our seniors, our roots, the principles, the fast effective techniques, that you might never have known or how to make them a flowing reflex in you; without their experiences shared. Show me respect even though I gray. I will openly invite and welcome all of you, to train or just say hi (any time)!      Celebrate, use your talents while you can, inspire, teach others, but teach the total of the knowledge as designed, (If in doubt of something just ask me), pass it on! Benefit from experience, it saves a lot of time, struggle, trial and error!

But try to be humble, remember when and where you started! A high drive is important but watch out for your ego! Remember me, as I have always remembered those that showed me my path. Remember those important instructors I taught you about, they got me started on my path, and helped me to learn. I gained my knowledge, experience, and ultimately my talents from them!

You got there or started down the path because of my experiences and influences on you. Don’t allow your self importance to over shadow my work and creations. Remember the work in traveling that path, your beginning, your roots! Remember me as your Master! Be my legacy! As you were taught by or at least started because of me. But you must also remember my Masters, their creations, their systems, their legacy that helped make me! Put aside your jealousies and egos; make mention of me, my creation, my masters, the concepts, the efficient, effective techniques, the principles, the founders and their Systems.

Include the places and culture they sprang from. Teach when and where these principles and concepts came from! Help to preserve the memory, broaden the understandings of the Art, the people, the times and culture that created it!

     Have you taught any beginners? Can you remember yourself when you first started this path? Your Datu Guro when he first demonstrated the movements, the lessons he helped you discover! Have you looked at any of your old training videos? See all the simple mistakes, the effort, struggle, repeated drilling of techniques! Try to remember those, and what it took to fix each one. How much did you accomplish traveling down this path? Have you grown, has anything changed, did you develop skills you once saw and thought were amazing? Those were the secrets, that was the magic! Now it’s just you! Look Below, come reminisce, remember with me now, and always; - give credit where credit is due!

Now sip your plum wine and remember those times. Remember your Datu Guro.
                                                                  End of toast:

Tested Ranks Toasting with Officers of DAMA

Below photo's of Dahms Academy Schools, some of the students, officers, classes, and rank tests of years past. If you attended a Dahms Academy school remember with me as you may be in some of these! If so contact me, we'll play catch up!

Dahms Academy Of Martial Arts Club House in Rockford, (Weapons Wall) for Private Lessons & Small Groups or taught at their location

Dahms Academy Of Martial Arts Club House (padded Flour & mirrors) Rockford, for Private Lessons & Small Groups

Mirrored & padded flour area for Privates & small groups DAMA Rockford Club Classroom

Dahms Academy of Martial Arts school # 1

Dahms Acadmey Rank Test Group 1989, Datu seated 3rd 1st row Note MarK Halec #2 in 2nd row

DAMA Rank Test 1989 Stand outs notice Row 1 #2 Mark Halec, Row 2 #3 Steve Sucech, #6 Jason Patwell, Row 3 #6 Ross Paterson

Dahms Academy Of Martial Arts Rank Test Group 1993, 3 Rank Tests Yearly

DAMA Rank Test Group, 1st Row in Black Filipino Vests are the Officers & Test Board Members 1993

DAMA RankTest 1993, 1 of 3 Tests yearly at change of seasons. Notables here; 1st Row Albert Vasichek,(behind in row 2 in black Steve Sucech &, Dave Mills ,next in 1st row Ross Paterson, (then 2, Blue sashes, 2 of my best, most talented students ever- Mike Makitus, Jason Patwell)

Rank Test 94, 1st Row #1, (2 of the most Talented ever) Jesus Garcia & (Row 2 #5 Brian Starmack) #2 Jose, Ross Paterson, Datu Glen Dahms, Visiting Board Member Gung FU Grand Master Dean Chambers,Dave Mills, Rich Block

2nd DAMA Rank Test 94,

Rank Test 94, 3rd Row (Talented Mark Shaw), Rick Block, Ross Paterson, Datu, Dave Mills, next (2 of my favorites, 2 of the best ever) Brian Starmack & 2nd row 3rd from end Jesus Garcia. #1 1st row Bruce Bradley & #3 Chriss Davis

DAMA Rank Test 95

2nd Dahms Academy of Martial Arts, 10,000 Sq. Ft. Main School Round Lake, side view

DAhms Academy, some of the punching bags, Rear of first of 3 Classrooms

2nd school,Dahms Academy Round Lake Front Classroom Weapons Wall

DAMA Round Lake Front Classroom, Front Office, Retial Counter area behind Student Equipment Bag Cubicles

Entyry way Dahms Academy of Martial Arts Round Lake, Datu's Certificates & Instructors Photo's & Retial counter area

Outside Front of Building, 2nd school, Dahms Academy of Martial Arts

Dahms Academy, wider angle Front of school Round Lake

Dahms Academy, wider angle Front of school Round Lake

Dahms Academy of Martial Arts #2, Round Lake, IL.10,000 sq' of classrooms.

DAMA Round Lake,90s. The Temple room, Alter, Meditation area, where Photo's of most important Instructors, Sword & Weapon Collections are kept, DAMA Officers only

Datu & GM Dean Chambers & Black Belts of Dahms Academy, at a YMCA program Classroom 2000. A talented, knowlegable group.

Near rear office, Lounge door, 1st of 4 Boards testing students that day (Officers Damon, Pete Dunlap, Parish Gilespe)

2nd Classroom, 96 DAMA Rank Test, officers observered doing Chain of Challenge (student comes in using a weapon, selects another to face the next, rotates to next student in line)(2 groups running at once)

2nd School Dahms Academy Round Lake rear of front classroom

DAMA 2001 Alter/ Meditation room Rockford, IL.

Dahms Academy Round Lake front Classroom from rear

Dahms Academy Round Lake from teachers Podium, part of Front Classroom

Dahms Academy of Martial Arts #2, Round Lake front & side view

DAMA 1st School With Datu's Step kids Champ & Cyrene Emotin / Questa

DAMA 89 1st RL Classes/ Rank Test

DAMA 93 Rank Test left of Datu is Bukti Negara Silats Rick Gentiel guest instructor sat on the Board

DAMA Board Members 1st Rank Test 95, Another very knowlegable group of officers.

DAMA Main Board Officers 93 Rank Test

Rank Test DAMA Class 1990 (2 Very Talented students Row 1 #2 (a very talented student & Lake Co. Sherif) Tom Rovotuso, #4 Bill Tinkis (also very good),

DAMA Oct 1993 Rank Test

DAMA Officers Student Rank Test Fall Equanox Sept 1995

DAMA Rank Test 98 Enter to Grappeling

DAMA Rank Test group 1992

DAMA Rank Test group early 1991

DAMA Rank Test Group Late 1991

DAMA Rank Test group Sept 1991

DAMA Rank Test group summer 1992, Promotions day, Visiting Gung Fu Masters sat on Board

Dahms Academy of Martial Arts Rank Test Mundelien 1998

DAMA Rank Test Students April 95

DAMA Rank Test Board 2003 Rockford, DAMA Black Belts either side of Datu Jesus Garcia, Erric Fleming

DAMA Rocford Club Wing Chun Dummy

DAMA Round Lake Officers form for Rank Test 1996

DAMA Round Lake rear 2nd classroom, Diagrams on flour are to practise Indonesian Pentjak Silat footwork

DAMA club house Rockford a Photo Rack of Datu & Dan Inosanto & other Bruce Lee student / Instructors

DAMA Sept 95 Students & Kids up for Rank Testing

DAMA some of the Students surprise DATU's 43rd Birthday 11/7/95 during a class

DAMA's Chris Passmore becomes 1st place Champion stick fighting Tournament

DAMA's Clint Morely becomes 2nd place Champion Stick Fighting Tournament

DAMA's Rick Brehm 2nd place Stick Fighting Champion

Datu teaching Kinjit Seiko in a Silat Class 1989 to Albert Villinuava

Datu teacing 1989 Mark Halec proper Vs improper Silat angle for technique

Datu teaching Class 1993 Boxing Technique with student Bruce Bradley

Datu Demo Take Down Rank Test Promotions day with Brian Starmack & Pete Dunlap

Datu Demonstration At Rank Test Promotions Day with 2 real talented assistants - (violet sash) Jesus Garcia & Dan Lee

Datu Teaches JKD Class 2003 DAMA Rockford, Will uses Wing Chun Technique to enter then finish Head Butt Knee Elbow

Datu Teaches JKD Class 2003 DAMA Rockford Will enters Bong, Tan Sao, Chop Choy,to Set sao, finsishes with Head Butt, Knee< Elbow

Datu Toasts with the Officers Temple Room DAMA RL after tests.

Datu teaching Wing Chun Mook Jong Sets (Dummy movements) DAMA Round Lake

Datus Tournament Kick boxing Team, 2 more talented students #3 & 4- Bill Hesse & Albert Villinuava

2 of Datus favorites, Black Belt Instructors 1996 Brian Starmack & Rich Block

Datu proud this talented group of his New Red Sashes (Learning Instructors) Pete Dunlap, Mark Shaw, Jesus Garcia, Dan Lee, 1996

Entering to Trapping to Grapeling DAMA Rank Test 1997 Mudelien

Entering to Grappeling Rank Test Mundelein 1996

Intermediate students / Officers Filipio Boxing Technique Rank Test 1996

Intermediate Ranks Testing Stick Boxing Mark Shaw Dan Lee 1996

JKD Class Will does Wing chun entry, follows up & finishes with a Head Butt

DAMA Rockford, JKD Class Will did entry & follow up technique, Finish with head butt, Knee lastly will be an elbow

Datu, Damon Instructor Kids Group up for Rank 2nd Test 1995

Last DAMA Rank Test of Year 1994

Datu's Student Louie Savala exicutes Silat/ AkiJitsu Throw & finish Technique DAMA 2003 Class

Matching 1 man (Jesus Garcia) Vs 2, Intermediate level includes matching 1 on 1 & another 1 on 2 Rank Testing 1996

March 1994 DAMA 1st Rank Test of Year

Matching Intermediate level Matching multiple opponents 1 (Brian S) Vs 2 (Pete D & Parrish G) Rank Testing DAMA 1996

Board Officers 3rd Rank Test 1995 New Officers just received their Rank seated 1st Row Bruce Bradly, Damon, Chriss, Dennis, Parrish, Dwayne

New Officers Board Members Future DAMA Black Belts

Officers Of DAMA 1996 many of these are now Black Belts

Party Time At Dahms Academy 1996 Mike Mukatis

Party time DAMA students freinds relatives

Pantukan Filipino Boxing Class

Rank Test June 1990 Datu next to Guest Visiting instructors- Board Members of this test, (the knowlegable & talented JKD Instructor (under Larry Hartsel) Pete Hetric, Father & Brother

Rank Test group June 1996

Rank Test Kids Group

DAMA Rank Test group May 1993

Rank Test Members Kids Adults 3-96

Datu, Next visiting board member G.M. Chambers & Officers in 3rd & some in 2nd Row & the rest DAMA Students in Rank Test

Student Body in Rank Test 3/96 DAMA Round Lake

Rank Test Students Officers DAMA Round Lake 1996

Some Intermediate Ranks performing their JKD in Rank Test 1996 Jesus Garcia, Brian Starmack, & Pete Dunlap, Rich Block

Brian S Staff Vs Stick Jesus G, in Chain of Challege drill, (use of Multiple weapons) Intermediate Rank Testing DAMA 1996

Toast to students Performance & Accomplishments in Rank Test After Promotions

Toast To DAMA Students April 1995 Rank Test

Up For promotions DAMA Rank Test 2003 Emilio, Louie Savala, Gary

Vocab Of DAMA Rank Test Rockford 2003

Vocab Testing Part Of Rank Testing DAMA RL
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