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Photos below are some of my Greatest Martial Arts Memories!

Many are Action shots of Famous People I trained with, some of the things I saw!

Following are three tables of pictures. (Table 1) are of Seminar Classmates of mine as well as some of those people who trained me; moments I observed in my training with some of the Worlds most famous Instructors. All are important moments and people that stand out in my memory in my life over the many years in Martial Arts. I must pay credit and thank them all! In those days I was fortunate to be around, know, and be helped by many very talented people. The more experienced and talented people you work with the faster and more complete, the more depth you will learn.

Without these people, the times shared, my knowlege, my life would have been very different. See some of what I saw. You may look and share in some of those moments with me. Maybe your some of those I shared these moments with. Remember them with me now! Please don't hesitate to contact me, say hello!

Bruce Lee's protagee Dan Inosanto in 1981 doing Chain Of Challenge weapons drill; Chris Kent assists; notice multiple types of weapons are being used, one after the other

Dan's student/ assistant Chris Kent 1981 Umbrella Counter by Dan Inosanto

Bruce Lee's Protagee Dan Inosanto & assistant Chris Kent teaching Staff Vs Stick techniques

Bruce Lee's Protagee Dan Inosanto & assistant Chris Kent in 1982 showing low leg techniques a Filipino Cepa kick/ leg check

Dan Inosanto & Chris Kent teaching Seminar Chi Sao Wing Chun sticking hands 1983.jpg

Bruce Lee's Partner/ protagee Dan Inosanto & Chris Kent do Jeet Kune Do; in this case using Wing Chun Kung Fu. Note: Minnisota's Rick Faye fellow classmate looking on (blue pants) (Today a well known JKD Inst.)

Bruce Lee's Partner/ Protagee Dan Inosanto demonstrating Center Line attack; (Bui Jee from Wing Chun)Eye Poke with Chris Kent.

Bruce Lee's Protagee Dan Inosanto 1982 showing JKD; this technique from Filipino Kali a Distruction Technique with Chris Kent.

Bruce Lee's Protagee Dan Inosanto showing Jeet kune Do; in this case (Set Sao Da from Wing Chun) trap arms & panch to his assistant Chris Kent

1980's Bruce Lee's Partner/ Protagee Dan Inosanto showing Jeet Kune Do; using Pressure Points techniques on assistant Ckriss Kent

Bruce Lee's Partner Dan Inosanto shows Jeet Kune Do; Locking technique from Filipino Kali & other systems; on Chriss Kent

Bruce Lee's Protagee Dan Inosanto shows Jeet Kune Do using Filipino & Indonesian Silat throwing techniques using Chriss Kent

Dan Inosanto demonstrating Jeet Kune Do using Gung Fu techniques with Chriss Kent (Note: left of Dan Also at all of Dans Seminar Classes is the Well Known & Talented JKD Instructor from Minnesota - Rick Faye)

Dan Inosanto doing Jeet Kune Do with Chris Kent; Filipino entry to an Indonesian Silat Finnish Technique (Note: in Blue left of Dan Jimmy Watchon, he was very talented too)
Bruce Lee's Protagee Dan Inosanto demonstrates JKD using Filipino kali entry Technique; (inside across Gunting)

Dan Inosanto can fight from ground, squating or on one Knee as attacker strikes; Filipino Easpada Y Daga (sword & Dager)1980's

My fondest memories were seeing Bruce Lee's partner in action in the early years of the 1980's with student/ assistants like Paul Vunak, Chris Kent, Cass Magda, Jeff Imada; here Dan with Chris Kent doing Filipino kali Kinfe fighting tactics, it was truely jaw dropping amazing stuff.

This was one of those amazing, inspiring times for me as a beginer learning, watching, Dan Inosanto 1983 doing Sword Punta Sumbrada Flow Sparing with Chris Kent (flowing exchanges not just with sticks)

Notice how casual or cavalier Dan is fighting with swords and knives, flowing exchanges of one attacker no problem.

Bruce Lee's partner Dan inosanto flow exchanges with long & short stick (or swords & knife) with one of his advanced students Chris Kent just traps & ties him up with his own arms and weapons;(can disarm easily)

JKD Guro Dan Locks opponets arm, Drops knee to of balance To stab assistant Chris Kent 1980's

Bruce Lee's Partner Dan Inosanto shows ways to counter, disarm, Lock attackers arms, manipulates & bends him over leaving him helpless to stop Dan's knife Pakal Stab.

Bruce Lee student & JKD Instructor Larry Hartsell demonstrates Filipino kick Countering, exchanges with one of my fellow classmates (now well known & Talented JKD Inst.) Mike Knauf, operating camera another huge talent - Nate Defensor

Dan Inosanto demonstrates Doce Pares San Miegel Technique with one of Datu's Senior Classmates Mike Knauf early 1980's

Dan Inosanto Seminar front Cliff Lenderman Ninjitsu Instructor & Movie Star from Washington, Note well known a very in dept JKD Instructor in Red, Rich Lamarouax

(Espada Y Daga drill) Dan Inosanto stick disarms knife from hand of Cliff Lenderman. Rich L (Red-left)of Dan seemed to be at all the Seminars in the 1980s & most favored by Dan to Demo classes with.

Datu Seminar classmates all well known JKD/ kali Instructors today Cliff Lenderman (Washington State)Mike Knuaf (Texas) Nate Defensor (IL) All favored by Dan as partners in Demonstrating to classes in the early 1980s

Dan Inosanto Pose for Datu in Kali fashion with a Kampilan & a Kriss (Filipino Swords)

Dan Inosanto 1982 Teaching Filipino kick Cepa or JKD a Jeet Tek, seated left of Dan his student Chris Kent, seated right Dave Rodgers Normal IL JKD Instructor
Noteables: Chicagos Fred Degerbergs Academy guys (behind Chriss is Eddie, behind Dan- Dan Dole, to his right - Jerry, in glasses JKD Inst. from Normal IL. Dave Rogers.

Dan Inosanto Teaching JKD using Outlined Notes, (meaning of Triangle symbolism)

Dan just out of Hospital (gland surgery) 1984 hangs around Degerbergs teaching classes all Week, talented classmate of Datu's Alex Derachio holding Thai Pads for Dan

Dan Inosanto showing Knife Technique, New Wife Paula less then two years earlier was a beginer student at Degerbergs, now in 1986 looking very advanced

Dan Inosanto, wife Paula does slick move, foot trap & kick to shin to send Dan to flour.Watching Datu's Gung Fu buddies Roy A & Brian T, JKD Inst Dave Rogers (Normal IL), & Dave Moss (Indiana)

Dan Inosanto demos with my seminar classmates in Chicago (now Famous JKD Instructor) Ron Baliki (hitting the Ground, take down to Grappeling with Dan) (Since has married Dans Daughter) & Larry Linderman (Back of head shot) (2 of Dans Demo favorites in the 1990s both very talented)

Dan Inosanto Teaching Silat with Notes in hand Biloit Wisconsin (hosted by another Great JKD Inst. Pete Hetric)

Dan Inosanto teaching Jun Fan, Modified Wing Chun, Notes in hand Wisconsin 1990's

Legendary Dan Inosanto, JKD Partner Bruce Lee Teaching in Indiana 1980's

Dan Inosanto teaching knife flow drill & technique using Pakal grip with Chris Kent 1986

Dan inosanto doing stick counter Sweep & Bump, hit to temple of Chris Kent 1986. ( Note- Another Talented man seated - pony tail Rich Drainy under Nate defensor)

Dan Inosanto 1992 at Degerbergs Teaches his Seminars organized and progressive with Notes

Dan Inosanto showing Datu his New Baby; his Wife Chicago's Paula Petterson

Dan Inosanto doing Seminar August 1993 with Wife Paula New Baby on her back. (Noteable Seminar classmate and famous JKD Instructor Rick Tucci- New York, in Purple top)

I went to Dan Inosanto Seminars to learn Bruce Lee's JKD or Jun Fan, many of the techniques I saw were Gung Fu, Wing Chun Kung Fu and Filipino Eskrima & Kali techniques. I saw Dan doing Serada Eskrima countering and also elements of Kali systems but I did not know the difference then. Al Mcluckie who was in the Inosanto Seminars at Degerbergs was teaching Serada there. I joined Degerbergs Academy right then and there. I was still studying Gung Fu as well, living at the Tein Tao Temple & Monistary in Chicago. Next an advanced Eskrima, Kali classmate was made Instructor and given classes to teach at Degerbergs. So I joined those as well! I liked him, his knowlege, his talent and we became close friends. Remember his name and face; it's Nate Defensor. Table 2 photo's below show these things, Parties & Demos we did, the people I am refering to!

Studying Wing Chun & also at Degerbergs Academy, Glen Dahms at 31 year old, 1983, at my Winthrop & Granville Apartment in Chicago.

Glen Dahms Chicago apartment studying- Wing Chun (note black Simon Lau Wing Chun shirt) & JKD, Jun Fan, Kali at Degerbergs 1984

Glen Dahms Mr Muscle Man 1984 at Chicago Apartment, a founding Member of Nate Defensors Filipino Indonesian Martial Arts Alliance, note red shirt

Datu Glen Dahms 33yrs in 1985 wearing black Wing Chun Jacket Chicago Apartment

Most in Simon Lau Seminar were in my classes.(Note; - Nate Defensor & his girlfriend Paula Peterson (Blonde)(Latershe would become Mrs Dan Inosanto- they were my guests here) Left end 2nd row

Rest of Wing Chun Seminar Datu Glen Dahms the Wing Chun student (4th row 3rd from end)

Martial Arts Notables gather, organize to Fight Weapons Band at Chicago City Concil 1985, Datu shoots Fred Degerberg shaking hands with Garry Climen

Angel Cabalas 83 Seminar founder Serada his student Jim Tacossa, To many notable Talented classmates(R end)Albert V Alex D Ray M Paula P Nate D Sally C(L end)Dan M Rich D Fred O Rich L (Datu behind)

Doce Pares GM Diony Canete(center w/ Niece Catie)Seminar 1984 Degerbergs Many Notables (R)(Datu behind)Nate D & Paula P(Future Mrs Inosanto)Dan N Rich D Alex D (R)Fred D Al Mc Fred O Dave R

Datu Glen Dahms & Mike Knauf Talented Senior Classmate in JKD, Jun Fan, Kali

Datu's Classmates Al Mcklckies Kali class & Nate Defensor, Practise & party at classmate Sally Cohn's House 1983

Great Eskrimador & Datu's friend & Guro of the 1980's Nate Defensor at his Wisconsin camp/ workshop at classmate Rich Drainys place

Glen Dahms (his student)assists Nate Defensor, Demo 1983 at East West Market (Martial Arts supply store)on Ashland Ave, Chicago

Nate Defensor demonstrates Knife technique & Drill using Datu Glen Dahms at East West Market, behind classmate Fred Oplee & wife

Demo at Black Belt Tournament Guro Nate Defensor stick & knife with Glen Dahms & later Balisong demo with Mike Kauf

Nate Defensor's class, Teaching Datu 1984 at Park Feild house Club,Classmates Alex Derachio Phil Cabrais (can't see), Bill & Dave Oshana Glen & Nate 1985

Stars & Stripes Demo (2 sticks) 1984 Nate Defensor Glen Dahms assisting

Datu with friend & Instructor Nate Defensor at Filipino Party (Jimmy Watchons) doing a knife demonstration

Nate Defensor's Advanced Students Glen Dahms Ray Miegel (Behind) Alex Dericho

Alex Dericho Advanced Student of Nate defensor's doing Espada Y Daga Demo 1980's

Philip Cabrera Advanced Senior Student of Nate Defensor's doing stick attacks & countering

Cora & Future Husband Ray Miegel at Filipino Party do stick flow spar Demo

Datu Classmates Practise Jimmy Wanchons Filipino House Party Jimmy in center by little girl Chat Chi (Thai Boxing Inst) & Alex D behind Datu,next to Phil C (other end) Cora Nate D

Camping 1984 with my friend & Instructor Nate Defensor with my Neice Christy, Brother Dave his wife & brother, my mother Marge, my Filipino girl friend Esper at my Island Lake Property

Instructor Nate Defensor Camping with me at my Island Lake property 1985

Friend & Classmate, Advanced Student of Nate Daefensor Dave Oshana suffers Defeet in knife attack by hand of his Girl Friend at camp

This is Ray's Miegels; Cora the 1st Most Beautiful Filipina Eskrimador I had seen, met and gotten to know well in 1984, inspired, gave me the desire to date only Filipino women from then on!

A Talented classmate who inspired me in Serrada- Alex Derachio posing with Cora. She inspired me too! In thinking how sexy & Good Looking Filipina's Can Be! She & Nate 1st taught me about Filipina dating & Thought.

Rich Drainys Wisconsin Property & My Senior as a student of Eskrima with Nate Defensor

Datu Glen Dahms (No Shirt) 1984 Nate Defenser Seminar another Wisconsin Camp

Nate Defesor Wisconsin Retreat 1984

Parade & Demonstration 1984 For Manila Mayor & Chicago's Mayor Harold Washington for Filipino Freindship Days

Guro Nate Defensor Students Demo Chicago Parade

Table 3 below are moments (some of the most important) Grand Masters met on my trips to Asia. Some are shown teaching Seminars in my schools in the here in US. Also a group photo of moment I will never forget (it was totally unprompted by me, a surprise rank test of me, then awarding of my 2nd Grand Mastership, but this time from a consensus of my own Black Belts and others of my peers)! I was surprised and very touched. Lastly the latest important memory; my induction into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame as a Grand Master and teacher!

Left Champion Dong Cuesta,Other then Dan Inosanto this man to my right Dioniso Canete was more important to me then any other Grand Master (not called a GM when I first met him, but should have been).

This Seminar started my interest in the talents of Master Diony Canete, my studying Doce Pares and meeting my Beautiful & Talented first wife Cirila Emotin (Cuesta)!

Diony Canete became not only my favorite Doce Pares Instructor (Grand Master) but I count him as a close personal friend even now more then 20 years later! He was instrumental to my Philippine Training, he has always treated me with respect and kindness.

This is a photo of Englands BBC documentary team on Filipino Maratial Arts in the Philippines show cased Doce Pares. Note:(row 2 left,the Beautiful Instructress became my wife)

Philippine pride in Arnis still exsisted, note sticks still being taught in the Schools of Manila in 1980's

Grand Master Ciriaco (Cacoy) Canete youngest of the 5 Canete brothers & Founders of the Doce Pares style of Eskrima

Datu's Apartment in Pardo area of Cebu City in 1987 with Doce Pares Instructress Cirila Emotin who later became Datu's (first) Wife.

Datu's Future Wife Cirila Spars Middle Weight stick fighting Champion Satoy 1986

Datu's with first wife socializing with Doce Pares Grand Masters/ Masters, Champions & other instructors & students late 1980's

Datu's Step Children and 1st Stick Sparing Students after becoming a black Belt and advanced tournament training.

Cirila (Cuesta's) kids Champ & Cyrene in Sparing Gear Pardo, Cebu City apartment

Datu meets Movie Star & Stunt Co-ordinator China's Jackie Chan 2000's

Datu Glen Dahms met (over 20 years ago & now once again in 2007) Champion Bill Superfoot Walace at awards in Indiana

Arnis Defense Silat Guro Freddie Fernandez & Datu's Student Errol Deppe in Manila apartment 1993

Silat Master Freddie Fernandez is from the Philippines, here he see's Snow for the 1st time at Dahms Academy Round Lake, IL.mid 1990's

Filipino Indonesian Silat Instructor Fredie Fernadez & Datu in front of Dahms Academy Round Lake, IL.

Datu at 42 in Bare Handed Bear Fight, Ha Ha fun with stuffed bear at Camp Lodge with JKD Instructor and friend Ted Lucay lucay 1990's

JKD Instructor (under Dan Inosanto) the Famous and Talented Ted Lucay Lucay. We are seen here playing with bear at Camp lodge.

Datu at 42yrs in Grizely Fight at Camping out with Ted Lucay Lucay

Datu's with Wife to be in 1994 Black Belt under GM Illistrisimo

Vida future new wife of Datu with Guro Pedrito Romo of Antonio Illistrisimo Style of Eskrima 1993

Datu's Wife to be (Vida deLeon) in 1994 Her Instructors left of her is Robert Moralas, right of her Guro Pedrito Romo (Yuli's brother), seated Grand Master Antonio Illistrisimo

In a Temple style school you should learn learn the healing Arts as well. Includes use of Herbs to make Healing Lineaments used in Massage, Muscle Manipulation, Pressure Points & Aliegnment at Dahms Academy of Martial Arts 1990's

Front of Dahms Academy Round Lake, IL.

Example of Multiple Boards set up needed to test all the students in Rank Test, Officers Chris Davis,(Brian Starmack Black Belt heads it) Dan Lee)

Multiple Officer Boards Rank Tests Dahms Academy of Martial Arts Round Lake Officers on this board Dennis, Jesus Garcia(Black Belt Heads it) Dewayne S

DAMA student go compete in stick fighting tournaments, Datu's student Chris Passmore 1st Place Champion

Black Belts of Dahms Academy & others of Datu's peers get together for a surprise Rank Test on the Chief in 2000 to show their respect by awarding Datu his 2nd 10th degree Black Belt

I was impressed with (shown in Demo here)Grand Master John Casarez with his 2nd Black Belt Brian assisting in Jui Jitsu Demonstration a talented man- at the Hall of Fame awards 2007

At the Hall of Fame together Datu Guro Glen Dahms & Champion Bill superfoot Walace

Datu Guro Glen Dahms & Master Don Bitanga 6th Black Belt hall of Fame 04-07

Martial Arts Hall of Fame Winner Glen Dahms, Grand Master of the Year award

Grand Master of the Year Glen Dahms Inducted Into Hall of Fame 4-07
Fear should be in the eye of the beholder, not you! Learn to defend your self for real; agianst a weapon or empty hands, at work, business, inside, outside, getting in a car, even on a plane! Learn fast effective street fighting technique and; Have No Fear!