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This page is of Video Clips of Dahms Academy Schools and shows the Training of Datu Guro (the Chief Instructor) Glen Dahms, in Demonstrations, Teching public classes, Seminars & Workshops to various other Martial Arts Schools,Groups, Police/ Government Employees, and even members of the Military.

Lots of hundreds of photos, (especially Video Clips) takes a lot of server space so there can be only a few video clips per topic section. So only some of my collection can be shown at a time! I will try to change a few of each every so often.

Please note: Your Windows Media Viewer or other should play these Video Clips. But if not a DivX© codec format may not be in your system & required to play these videos.

For a free DivX© viewer download CLICK HERE Loads in a few minutes!

Most clips are 1 - 3 minutes long (up to 60 mgb). If you have Broad Band ISP it will take up to 1 1/2 minutes to load. A few clips are 5 to 7 or 8 minutes & will take up to 6 minutes to load for some of you. Dial up users will have trouble loading even the smaller videos. If you can not veiw video's please go to contact page, let us know! Also on Youtube.

Below are 5 Tables of Video clips.
1st Promotional clips of Datu Guro Glen Dahms & his three schools.

2nd Video's of some of the Seminars & Workshops for groups Datu has taught in the USA, South America, & Asia! (Including members of Local, County Police, Federal Officers, & Departments, Also Police Cadet & Criminology Students)

3rd Video clips of parts of regular school classes Datu has taught over the years on various topics!

4th Datu teaching Private & Semi Private Lessons (1, 2, & 3 person) & small groups!

5th Datu training with & Demonstrations of Famous Grand Masters, Masters, & Champions during his Asian Training Trips over the many years!

A 7 minute Video showing some of Datu Guro Glen Dahms teaching credentials and one of his schools

A 7 minute long Video, of an annual week long Stage Show throughout 90s, use & defense of several weapons.

Video about 1 minute, Dahms Academy TV commercial 1990-94

Video about 1 minute of Dahms Academy Commercial appeared Local Drive in Theaters 1988-90

Video about 1 minute; Datu Glen Dahms doing stick passing & warmups before teaching class at Dahms Academy Round Lake.

About 4 minutes, Dragon Banners; Datu explains logo to Mike M the Tao (the heavenly Path to enlightenment)Dahms Academy club house Rockford
Video clips of Datu Guro Glen Dahms teaching different Seminars, Workshops mostly to classes of, or members of the Military, Police Departments, and Criminology. Topics such as, Submissions/ Locking, Hand Cuffing, Speed Cuffing, Weapon Retention, use of or Defense against hand held weaponry including stick, sword, knife, hand guns at close range.

A 2 minute Video, Assistant Jason makes several single hits at different angles of attack each are countered in 1.5 seconds by Datu

About a 2 minute video, Datu, advanced student Jason P demonstrates one type of training flow drill with stick, one type of empty hand flow drill, Police Workshops

About 3 minute video, Stick Vs stick, stick insertions for throwing opponent, Olisi Palid (palm stick)

3 minute video Attack & Responses, Use of Olisi Palid (palm Stick)

A 5 minute Video, Bow in, Several submission locking techniques, Weapon Retention, to Cuffing, of Palm stick for Police work Datu & Mike M

Video about 3 minutes, Datu shows entries follow ups using elbows & kness, talk kicking & open grion

Video about 3 minutes,Datu makes use of Bukti Negara Indonesian Pentjak Silat techniques for submission & hand cuffing

3 minute video, Datu shows Locking, Dumog (Push, pull, rolling jionts to manipulate opponent & insure weapon retention by officer),

About 3 minute video, Drill Boxing Mechanics, Cover using sliding wrists & arms, use of Elbows to destroy attacking arms & legs

Video about 4 minutes, Deflection, Destruction entries use in drilling multiple lines of attack

About 2 minute video,attack, Boxing to trapping idea in entery to lock & handcuff

Video 3 to 4 minute, Empty hands Vs Empty Hands ideas, work entry left side Datu Glen Dahms assisted by Jason Patwell

Video nearly 4 minutes, Datu Shows Zoning Concepts Kali Stick Hands Mike Makitus assists

About 3 minute Video, Datu Shows Filipino Boxing Basics,How to make a fist, Use of body in Punching, Footwork

Nearly 4 minute Video,Body position, Zoning, 0 pressure with stick,punching, Olisi Palid

Video about 3 minutes, Datu shows entries for hooking stricks & straightline attacks, Use Elbows or Olisi Palid
This section show cases a few video clips of Datu Teaching classes open to the general public at a Dahms Academy of Martial Arts schools.

A 3 minute DAMA Class Video, Use of Animal hand weapons (Palm Face= Claws) in entries and in targeting or hitting and pressure pionts to escape chokes. Datu & assistant Pete Dunlap

Video about 5 minute,JKD locking enter to Trapping to Grappling DAMA Class assisted by Pete Dunlap

DAMA class video 1 minute, Datu Performs a Lock progression (a series of Tranka= Locks, Dumog= push pull roll jionts to move from one to the other. Datu & Pete Dunlap

Video DAMA Class 3 minute, Datu shows a flow of Tranka= locks to make submit, use of Filipino Dumog= push pull roll joints to manipulate opponents body & hit= targeting. Datu & Pete D

Video about 2 minutes, Datu Shows Lock Counters & use of Stance Changes to get out of Locks & Chokes

Video about 2 minutes, Datu does some lock reversals arm Bars, getting out of Arm Bar locks

Video about 2 minutes, Datu Shows Figure 4 Lock Countering

Video about 6 Minutes long, Datu ShowsFast Entering with Trapping, Grapple to Ground, Locks & Pressure pionts on the Ground

Video about 2 minutes, Filipino Knife Sparing Pete Dunlap & Jesus Garcia assist Datu

Video less then 2 minutes, Datu Shows Some Filipino Knife Technique & Spars Jesus Garcia

Video less then 2 minutes Datu does some fast entries then takes the guy out Shows ground finish Technique

Video about 4 minutes long, Datu shows in & outside lines 1 & 2 & take downs & tripple locking on ground W Pete D

Nearly 5 minutes, Datu teaching Entering to Trapping to Grappling in Class, Assistant (Pete D) punches & Kicks, then enter follow up and finish Technique.

Video 2 minutes, Datu advancing from 3 to 6 & 9 beats (feeds & tap back at oppenings) in Focus Mitt drilling assisted by the talented Jesus Garcia
This section show cases a few video clips of Datu Teaching people in Privates lessons, Semi Privates lessons (2 or 3 people) as well as those paying regularly to learn as a Small Group (4 to 10). Larger groups are usually taught as Seminars or Workshops

Video about 3 minutes Datu showing some Indonesian Munde Muda Pentjak Silat concepts to small group

About 3 minute Video, Datu shows some Indonesian Harimau Pentjak Silat techniques to small group.

Video about 4 minutes long, Datu shows Small group how to counter a Silat technique that was shown earlier.

Video about 8 minutes long, Datu held at frontal Knife Point, self Defense Countering Techniques

Video about 3 minutes, Datu tests, puts a little pressure on a small groups Stick Countering Skills with Multiple man circle drill.

Video about 7 minutes long, Datu feeds small group Staff, Drill a Circle of students, counter using a stick

Video about 8 minutes Datu teaching Wing Chun; Tang Chi Sao (Single Sticking Hands) & Bong Lap drills to Small Group.

Video about 4 minutes, Datu checking Mook Jong (Wooden Dummy) sets (Wing Chun Kung Fu) of small Group.

Video about 3 minutes, Datu teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu, (Double Sticking Hands) Chi Sao Drill to Small Group.

Video about 3 minutes, Private Lesson with Mike M; Datu Shows some Lacosta Style Stick Countering.

Video about 3 Minutes, Datu teaching 5 count Stick Flow Sparing in a Private Lesson to Mike M

Video about 3 Minutes,Datu Teaches Tapic Tapic = Basic drill Empty Hands Vs Knife to small group

Video about 1 minute,Teaching Small group,Technique Shown by Datus Student Louis Savala

This section of Videos will show case Datu training with various Grand Masters of many different Systems in the USA, Thailand, China, Indonesia,and the Philippines. Included; Rank Tests of Glen Dahms earning his Black Belts.

As well as Demonstrations by Grand Masters of those times performing and showing their skills Instructors, club members, as well as World Stick Fighting Champions of that time!

Many are Rare Examples of skills of very well known Grand Masters now passed on and gone from us forever!!!

Video about 4 minutes. Grand Master Espanoza reads Black Belt certifacation for Glen Dahms as several Grand Masters (Cacoy, Eulogio, Kirin) are over looking from the board, you can see many other Masters, (Diony Canete) Instructors, Champions and Doce Pares Members seated at side lines

About 2 minute Video, Cerimony for Glen Dahms as he is awarded his 1st Black Belt in Filipino Martial Arts from Doce Pares Grand Masters.

Video about 2 minutes. Datu Glen Dahms has been the subject of the news in the Philippines several times. Interview, GMA TV station 1985.

Video about 3 1/2 minutes. Datu Being interviewed on the Radio in the Philippines Prior to leaving with his future wife to be Doce Pares Instructress Cirila Emotin Questa

Video about 3 minutes, Glen Dahms after only 2 months of training met (for the 1st time) and stick spared the great Satoy Middle Weight Champion of the Philippines and the world at that time in 1985.

Video about 3 minutes.Datu Glen Dahms stick sparing with headgear and body amor with Satoy the Great Middle Weight Champion. Crowds would give standing ovations at his fights.

Video about 1 minute. The Great Satoy, middle weight Champion demonstrates his version of a stick form. His power, ease of Destruction & Movment was inspiring.

Video about 3 minutes. Datu's future wife Cirila Emotin Questa demos her skill and ease of motion in a couple of Espada Y Daga (Sword & Knife) forms (with Ratan Sticks).

Video about minutes.One of Cirilas Emotin/ Questa students - Edith demos stick form at Doce Pares in the 1980s.

Video about 3 minutes, (Rare footage)of a great Grand Master Anting Carin(passed on)having fun demonstrating at Doce Pares Club (1980s)his(Waticking)type of Doce Pares stick & knife with Light Weight Champ Danny Guba.

Grand Master Vincente Carin Demonstrates his own Watic type of style of Doce Pares With Light weight Champion Dan Guba

Fear should be in the eye of the beholder, not you! Learn to defend your self for real; agianst a weapon or empty hands, at work, business, inside, outside, getting in a car, even on a plane! Learn fast effective street fighting technique and; Have No Fear!