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  About Muoy Thai Kick Boxing & Cabri Cabrong!

Champ Surichai Surisuit & Alex Derechio
Champion Surichai Serisuit & a memorable classmate of mine Alex Derechio
Champ Surichai & my freind & Inst ChatChi
Champ Surichai & my freind & Inst ChatChi 1980's
Pataya Thailand Master Thai Boxing
Pataya Thailand Master Thai Boxing
Datu Glen Dahms in Thailand with Thai Boxing Master
Datu Glen Dahms in Thailand with Thai Boxing Master

Originated and still flourishing in Thailand today. But in my opinion it is for the young who want to compete and not really for what I call Real Self Defense. The mother Art is a different story as it is much more complete, and so has many areas other then elements just for competition. From a JKD stand point there are several techniques such as the way and use of the elbows and forearm extensions Thai roundhouse and cut kicks that should be employed, either adding or replacing comparable techniques used prior to learning the Thai way! It's roundhouse kick takes no more time or waste of any motion, (the entire body and it's momentum is behind it) the roundhouse taught from other systems but is far superior in it's power and effectiveness. So it is the way we would do the roundhouse and the old way is discarded!

Muoy Thai Kick Boxing is just a portion of the Mother Art of Cabri Cabrong which Like Kung Fu, Pentjak Silat, and Philippine Kali is a extremely deep and varied Art life long study covering hands, feet and weapons. It has devastating elbows, knees and kicks, and is known for it's ring fighting. It punishes the fittest of young bodies in ring fights, many times to severe permanent injuries and death. Just the leg and forearm/ elbow training will deaden the nerves there to the point of no feeling at all. Though I have trained extensively in this when I was younger here in the USA and in Thailand I have never been that serious about it and only used elements from it for my Jeet Kune Do. I am not a certified teacher of the entire system such as my instructors pictured above. I have never felt the need to go on and become certified as an instructor. I feel that the weaponry though similar can not match Kali, and though some of the kicking elements are superior. But most of the concepts are either not needed or better in other systems. Elbows and knees and the way they are used are excellent but similarly used already in other systems such as the Kali. I find nothing to compare to the entry and finish techniques that Kali and Silat can offer. Thai Boxing requires a young in shape body and hours of training every day to maintain to do it effectively. In short it's a very young mans game. You must get in top physical condition for it, not for the old or handicapped!

At this stage in my life I will only be teaching it as components, as it applies to my Jeet Kune Do. Not as a complete course or for ring competition. I will not be training and teaching it, but can be persuaded to coach and drill someone in it privately if needed to accomplish a certain goal!

No course outline offered here. Course outline would be very simple and basic and is more about the way to do the technique, combinations of technique, and the way, and equipment to train it with!


Fear should be in the eye of the beholder, not you! Learn to defend your self for real; agianst a weapon or empty hands, at work, business, inside, outside, getting in a car, even on a plane! Learn fast effective street fighting technique and; Have No Fear!