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Philippine BoxingFilipino Espada Y Daga/ Sword & Knife, or Long & Short weapons!

Numerada Espada Y Daga
Drilling Espada Y Daga Numerada style Datu (left) with Black Belt Student Brian Starmach
Espada Y Daga with Wood shaped Knife & Stick
Epada Y Daga Datu with wood shaped Knife & Stick with GM Shoke
Espada Y Daga Long & Short Rattan
Datu & his Inst. Nate Defensor show two lines of attach with long & short or just two Rattan Sticks Techniques are the same

Espada Y daga is Filipino for Sword and Knife or long and short referring to fighting / training using the sword or stick and knife together. Long and short stick is the early training stages for sword and knife. This is advanced training after basics of single stick striking and countering skills are learned. There are twelve angles of attack in most Filipino systems and about five types of counters per strike. The student should be skillful at angles one through five and three to five counters; and have knife striking angles and knife defenses empty hands and knife to knife before starting Espada y Daga. Basically this training will allow the student to not only counter and move but manipulate the opponents body, do single and double holds and single and double disarms and tie ups. Basically if skilled in Espada Y Daga you would be skilled at double stick or use of two of any weapon or any combinations of weapons as well as sword or staff or spear and shield. You can imagine the hand skills one would have to have to be skilled at this level.

In most cultures having great expertise with swords including England, Spain, France the sword is backed up or supported if you will by a knife, long knife or shorter sword. Such is true also in the Philippines, in fact two sword fighting, two stick fighting, two knives fighting two is more about the two simotanious lines of attack then the lengths. But the lengths and where and what edges are sharp does cause adjustments in answering the attacks. There are single line capture or tie ups trapping the sword/ stick and now in Espada Y Daga or two stick there are double tie ups and disarms.

DAMA class Basic Training includes:

Two Stick Sinawalis drilling

Single stick countering but supported with the knife and not an empty hand.

Lock & Block stages 1-3, adding single Kunsi, Tie ups, disarms to double kunsi & Tie ups & Disarms

Espada Y Daga flow drills, then breaking out of the pattern with other sticks & counters.

Numerada & Retriada style training (Above styles used include Sarada & Doce Pares)

Fear should be in the eye of the beholder, not you! Learn to defend your self for real; agianst a weapon or empty hands, at work, business, inside, outside, getting in a car, even on a plane! Learn fast effective street fighting technique and; Have No Fear!