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Chi Tau Chuan Gung Fu
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Philippine Boxing
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Filipino Knife Fighting
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Muoy Thai Boxing
Filipino MA Component
Bahi Nerve StickDAMA Filipino Bahi wood Nerve Stick$45.00 Only
On Sale $40.00
Molave Nerve StickDAMA Filipino Molave wood Nerve Stick
$35.00 Only

On Sale $30.00

Molave Nerve Stick Set

DAMA FilipinoMolave Wood Nerve Stick Set (palm & arm length) $40.00 Only
On Sale $35.00

Bahi Nerve StickDAMA Filipino Bahi wood Nerve Stick$45.00 Only
On Sale $40.00
Bahi Nerve StickDAMA Filipino Bahi wood Nerve Stick$45.00 Only
On Sale $40.00

Autographs of Famous Instructors, Champions, Grand Masters I Trained with. Most are their books I collected over the years and had them sign!
Most of these Autographs are in very good instructional Books, If you don't have them you should get them if you can even find them today! (Covers shown below also)
Dan Inosantos Filipino Matial Arts Guide to MA Training Equipment
JKD Art & Philosophy Absorb What Is Useful
Larry Hartsel JKD Jun Fan JKD Textbook
Arnis Defense Silat Doce ParesGM Cacoy Canete
Benny the Jet GM Ciriaco Cacoy Canete & Edgar Saluti
GM Eulogio Canete Diony Canete EKA Book
Antonio Illistrisimo GM Joe Mena
Illistrisimos successor Toney Diego GM Jerison NeNe Tortal
Dan I & Larry Hartsel JKDs Paul Vunak
JKDs Cass Magda Doce Pares Dan Guba
Famous Doce Pares Masters GM Diony Canete FMA Book
Covers of the above Martail Arts Books below! We used and sold Dan Inosonto's Filipino Martial Arts in my schools and refered to it as the Bible of Filipino Martial Arts it was one of the only and best available!
Filipino Martial Arts Guide to MA Equipment
JKD Art & Pilosophy JKD Textbook
Absorb What is Useful JKD Hardcore
JKD Kickboxing Edgar Salite
Benny the Jet Doce Pares FMA
Toney Diego Illistrisimos Book Doce Pares GM Diony Canete EKA Book
Larry Hartsel JKD  
Fear should be in the eye of the beholder, not you! Learn to defend your self for real; agianst a weapon or empty hands, at work, business, inside, outside, getting in a car, even on a plane! Learn fast effective street fighting technique and; Have No Fear!