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Letters of Recomandation, Referals from Organizations Datu has worked with, using students help!


Over the years of teaching the public, and in my numerous travels all over Asia and to South America I have trained members of the Military, Emergency unit departments, local Police departments, Park Ranger Police departments, County Sheriff departments, and various Members of Federal Departments, (examples Department of Justice, Immigration, etc.). I taught classes as a fill in teacher, later my own class at other peoples schools (example: The College of Martial Arts in Evanston, IL.) still later classes out of my home and out of dance halls, until finally schools where I bought the buildings and remodeled myself (2 in Round Lake IL. I have been hired by the individuals working in Police departments, sometimes by the department, and have been a guest instructor for criminology classes, and classes through High Schools, Colleges, and YMCA’s. I have in later years been hired many times to go teach two day or weekend Seminars and Workshops for various Schools, Police and other groups in the United States, in Asia and South America. I do not have photo's or documents from most and in the case of some military work I was not even supose to talk about it. But below are some letters of recognition and recomondations that I do have that can be shown.
The most important teaching I have done for me is the on going public classes in my schools. Those select few (maybe one out of a hundred) who actually continued for 4 -8 years of continuos classes to complete my course teachings, or through others to become Officers in the Schools or fully trained Black Belts.

These are a few of the referals/ letters of praise for Datu Guro Glen Dahms & students assisting in doing Demonstrations, Seminar/ Workshops, for Schools, Police Departments, Paramedic/ Rescue Departments, Airline Pilots and others!

Security for Green Dragon Society
1983 letter from Ting Sifu (head Master) Green Dragon Temple & Monastery about Glen Dahms, expertise Knife, Hand Cuffing, Security work
Security for Green Dragon Society
Thank you Notice from one of the High Schools Datu & students have done Demonstrations for

Letter from Ting Sifu (head Master) Green Dragon Temple & Monastery in support of Glen Dahms

Letter of Reference for Datu & Students demo, Workshop from Neighborhood Watch Group & the Police department there!

Letter of Reference from student, new friend & United Airline Pilot

Letter from Owner & Head Instructor Degerbergs Academy of Martial Arts chicago,Re; Glen Dahms teaching there, use of Hand cuffs, Sticks, Knives, Guns

1986 Letter in Priase of Glen Dahms from Grand Master Ciriaco (CACOY) Canete of Doce Pares

Letter in Praise of Datu Glen Dahms & advanced students giving workshops to Rescue Units. Many times Parmedics are transporting unco-operative patients

Letter in praise of Datu & Students teaching workshops on Entries, Submissions, Hand Cuffing Use of Palm stick to Ranger Police Department

YMCA letter & agreement for Datu Glen Dahms & his Black Belts to teach the Martial Arts programs of their faucilities all over Lake County IL.

Officers/ Advanced students will learn the healing Arts, Alignment, Muscle Manipulation, Message which includes the use of Lineaments. Seen here are Herbs to make Dit Tao Jow Lineament.

Making Massage and other lineaments at Dahms Academy.


Fear should be in the eye of the beholder, not you! Learn to defend your self for real; agianst a weapon or empty hands, at work, business, inside, outside, getting in a car, even on a plane! Learn fast effective street fighting technique and; Have No Fear!